Cancer Crusaders Club
12th Annual Christmas Get-Together
December 5, 1999

Opening Remarks

Ms. Donato
Breast Cancer Crusader


Good Morning!

Welcome to the 12th Annual Christmas Get-Together of the Cancer Crusaders Club. When Dr. Joson invited me to join the Cancer Crusaders Club's Get-Together, I was a bit hesitant whether to attend the occasion or not. With all honesty, I am not yet prepared to discuss the disease I have and I don't want other people to know that I have the Big C.

Dealing with this of sickness is not an ordinary thing for me. Most especially the hardship, the mental anguish, the anxiety and pain that I have gone through and going through. Thinking of what the Cancer Crusaders Club can do to ease the pain in me was one question entered into my mind at first. Will gracing the occasion lighten the burden I have? With it help me survive the crisis? But due to persistent nagging of Beth, I was persuaded to join the get-together.

Tense, as I emerged into the Tangco Hall last year, I was ushered to sit along with the other patients. Listening to their conversation, I'm beginning to feel at ease and at home. I know I made the right decision of coming to this get-together. It was nobody's choice but mine.

As I listened to the testimonies of the patients called on stage, I'm beginning to realize that I am not alone in this battle. Joining you made me a stronger person. You helped me realized that acceptance is the only thing that can heal the wound I'm going through with life. It makes me value life more than ever. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making me worthy again. The strength I have is the strength I have acquired from each one of you. You're the reasons why I'm here with full of life. This is our day!

Again, welcome to the 12th Annual Christmas Get-Together of the Cancer Crusaders Club. May we always spread the vision of life to the fullest.

Merry Christmas to all.

Proceedings 12th - 1999