Expression of Gratitude

Ms. Emma Lucas

Good Morning to All!

I am Emma Lucas. Maybe Dr. Joson is wondering why I am here right now. I am here to help Beth and be part of the occasion. I have a brother, named Alex, who is undergoing dialysis for nearly 10 years now. He was diagnosed to have an end-stage renal failure when he was still at age 24.

Knowing Dr. Joson was Beth's idea. I am a patient of her other doctor who is an internal medicine cardiac specialist. I called her if she can refer me to a surgeon, which she immediately recommended Dr. Joson. On our conversation, I told her that Alex was diagnosed to have a parathyroid and needs an immediate operation.

Furthermore, I am so worried that the calcium deposits in his hands and shoulder might start appearing in his eyes which may cause blindness, as told by the resident physician from another hospital. So, I said we need a doctor who does not charge much and that he will understand my brother's plight.

On the day we were asked to see Dr. Joson, I was so nervous, because I do not have an idea how much the surgery will cost. Knowing that we are not financially stable. After the physical examination, Dr. Joson explained to us all the possibilities, the pros and cons of my brother's surgery. He was so kind to empathize with us.

And you know what is good, he not only gave us discount but he offered his service free of charge. He gave us instructions on what should be done. The MDH was so accommodating during the interview and readily accepted Alex to be under its social service, with Dr. Joson as the attending physician. He assured me that he will be the one to operate my brother and he even went out of his way to refer Alex to two other specialists to further check on my brother.

Weeks after the operation, the calcium deposits from his hands and shoulder vanished. You can take a look at the picture so you know what I am talking about.

Submitting oneself to an operation is not that easy for us since the time Alex was diagnosed to have an end stage renal failure in 1990. Things have not come easy for us. In 1992, I donated my other kidney for him to undergo transplant. Unfortunately, the graft was rejected, so the dialysis goes on and on. In 1995, his peritoneum was infected and he was given doses of Amikacin injection which caused his loss of hearing. And now the calcium deposits which can cause his blindness.

My only concern is for me to help my brother, because I can feel the pain in his heart. I know this thing will make him say "Ano na naman it." All his life he is sick. But he fights to live.

Today, I am taking this chance again to personally thank Dr. Joson, for all the things that you have done for my brother. No amount of words can tell how thankful we are for giving Alex your dedication which gave more meaning and value to his life as well as to the whole family. You gave him back the smile in his lips. Today, as he celebrates his birthday, he wants you to see him well and healthy far from the itme when he underwent parathyroidectomy.

Again, in behalf of the Lucas family, we thank you, Dr. Joson, for you have Alex his greatest gift far from being blind.

Dr. Joson, to help Alex Lucas further, presented him a PhP 5,000 check which was endorsed to Dr. Joson by Ms. Cynthia Zaide to help any people in need. This check was also a birthday gift to Alex Lucas.

Proceedings 12th - 1999