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Annual Christmas Get-Together


1994 Proceedings [ RJoson Welcome Address || Minda Quesada Write-up]

1999 Proceedings

2000 Proceedings [ RJoson Welcome Address]

2001 Proceedings [ RJoson Message || Child Cancer Patient's Prayer]

2003 Proceedings [RJoson Message]

2004 Proceedings [RJoson Welcome Remarks][Programme][Ms. Elsa Satparam's Message - Elsa's Picture ][Green Team's Song]

2004 Press Releases [Philippine Star - Feb 2004][December, 2004]

Usual Programme

Opening Prayer

Welcome Remarks

Expression of Gratitude

Sharing of Experiences



Awarding of Certificates for Cancer Crusaders 5 Years Up


Exchange Gifts and Raffle

Picture Taking

Cancer Crusaders Club