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Episode 5X02
Title: Redux

scully in a pensive mood

First screened in Australia: 11 February, 1998
First screend in USA: 2 November, 1997

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Chris Carter
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Mulder accesses a secret research facility that may hold a cure for Scully's illness. Meanwhile, Scully performs an experiment in hopes of determining the origin of the disease.
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My Rating: 8/10

Comment will be added soon ... one thing though, the voiceovers are really effective.

Notable Quotable:
Mulder's opening voiceover:
"I've held a torch in the darkness to glance upon a truth unknown. An act of faith begun with an ineloquent certainty that my journey promised the chance, not just of understanding, but of recovery. That the disappearance of my sister, 23 years ago, would come to be explained. And that the pursuit of these greater truths about the existence of extra-terrestrial life might even re-unite us. A belief which I now know to be false, and uninformed, in the extreme. My folly revealed by facts which illuminate both my arrogance and self-deception. If only the tragedy had been mine alone, might it be more easy tonight to bring this journey to its end." (he is holding his gun and the phone rings)

Mulder's voiceover heard as Scully identifies the body in Mulder's apartment:
"Let the truth be known though the heavens fall. The web of lies entangling us can now be connected back to the very institution which brought us together. The facts supported by a byzantine plot, executed by someone inside the FBI who, if named, could be tied to the plot meant to destroy me. And to the terminal disease inflicted on Scully. In four years, I have shared my partner's passionate search for the truth. And if my part has been a deception, I have never seen her integrity waver or her honour compromised. But now, I ask her to lie, to the people that lied to us. A dangerous lie to find the truth. To find the men who would be revealed as its enemy, as our enemy. As the enemy within."

Mulder's voiceover as he enters the Department of Defense building:
"The military connection to the conspiracy we had pierced was now undeniable. The man who lay dead in my apartment worked for the Department of Defense at its Advanced Research facility. What I might find here, I was uncertain of. But my crime had provided me access. As long as they believed Scully's lie, that it was me lying on my floor, I might learn truths here. But, if our lies were discovered, both Scully and I would be discovered with them."

Mulder: "Keep going, FBI woman."

Scully: "Mulder? What are you doing? Why are you sitting in my bedroom in the dark?"
Mulder: "It was too crowded in my apartment, I couldn't sleep."

Cancerman: "I will not be cut out like this."

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
John Finn (Michael Kritschgau)had a recurring role in the much under-rated and therefore unfortunately short-lived "Brooklyn South" (one of the few cop shows I've enjoyed over the past 5 years) and I've got to say he's brilliant in that role. He's also appeared in well-known movies such as "Blown Away", "Cliffhanger", "Carlito's Way", "The Pelican Brief" and "Glory".

For information on Charles Cioffi (Blevins) see the Pilot episode.

The title, Redux, means to return, as from war or from exile. However, it is also the Latin term for the resurrection, the term used in/by the Catholic church up until the 2nd Vatican Council. That is most likely Chris Carter's intention and it follows on from the previous episode, Gethsemane. Gethsemane was the garden in which Jesus was betrayed by Judas

There is an homage to Oliver Stone's movie "JFK", "Let the truth be known though the heavens fall" is a take on James Garrison's line "Let the truth be told, though the heavens fall". The scene between Cancer Man and the 1st Elder at the racetrack is based on a very similar scene in the movie.

There are also similarites to "The Godfather", especially the ending where (in the movie) Michael Coreleone (Al Pacino) was at his son's christening (reflected here by Scully saying prayers with her priest) as various mob figures get "whacked" (compared here to Blevins and Cancer Man).
Tiny Dancer.

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