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"Redux II"

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Episode 5X03

Title: Redux II

mulder meets samantha cigarette smoking man shot and dying
First screened in Australia: 18 February, 1998
First screened in USA: 9 November, 1997

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Chris Carter
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
With Scully lingering near death and the future of the X-Files in danger, the Cigarette Smoking Man comes forward with a surprising offer to save Scully's life - and more.
Fox Press Release
My Rating: 8/10
Is it the real Samantha or just another clone? I got sucked in big time when I first watched this episode but on reflection I guess the possibility is *very* strong that it's not really Samantha. A lot of people have been saying that Mulder's father is really Cancer Man. I don't agree in the least and until there's an episode where there's proof that he is I'll continue to disagree. Surely Chris Carter can't be that deriviative with all the "Star Wars" Luke/Darth Vader connotations. As to CSM being Samantha's biological father, well that makes more sense to me and would be reason enough for Bill Mulder to let her be the one that was aducted.

Notable Quotable:
Cigarrette Smoking Man: "I trust you've heard."
The Elder: "Mulder is alive."
Cigarrette Smoking Man: "As I said, he's not to be underestimated."

Mulder: (To Cigarrette Smoking Man in hospital) "Please tell me you're here with severe chest pains."

Bill Scully Jr.: "You're one sorry son of a bitch. Not a whole lot more to say." (He leaves)
Mulder: (his phone rings) "One sorry son of a bitch speaking."
Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Ken Camroux (Senior Agent) has appeared in "Bliss", "Happy Gilmore", "Jennifer 8" and "Bird On A Wire" while Pat Skipper (Bill Scully jr) has appeared in "Independence Day", "Demolition Man", "Lethal Weapon 2" and "Wall Street".

For information on Charles Cioffi (Blevins) see the Pilot episode.

The name Roush caused a fuss when this episode first aired in the US. Online xphiles rushed to their computers and typed in, just to see where they ended up. Turned out to be the homepage of pastry giant, Pillsbury! The story earned an article in the Wall Street Journal, of all places, and tickled the funny bones at Pillsbury who changed the front page to a black background with the slogan "Believe The Pie".
Tiny Dancer

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