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"Christmas Carol"

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Episode 5X05

First screened in Australia: 18 March, 1998
Available on Video in Australia: File 10 - Emily
First screened in the USA: 7 December, 1997

Title: Christmas Carol

scully at the dinner table

Credits: Director: Peter Markle
Writer: Vince Gilligan, John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz
Starring: Guest Stars:
A mysterious phone call and an apparent suicide lead Scully to a young girl who she suspects is her sister Melissa's daughter.
My Rating: 8/10
Scully gets the spotlight in a Mulder-lite episode (his only brief appearance is quite funny) and proves just how good an actor she is. An interesting story (although a lot of fans didn't like the episode).

Notable Quotable:
Scully: "According to this... I am Emily's mother."
Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
John Pyper-Ferguson (Kresge) was born in Mordialloc, Australia! located just outside of Melbourne. However, he only lived there for a short time and doesn't consider himself to be an Australian and in fact he says in interviews "Yes, I am a proud Canadian." He previously guest-starred on The X-Files in "F Emasculata" plus was in a "Millennium" episode. His movie roles include "McHales Navy", "Unforgiven" with Clint Eastwood and "Bird On A Wire". For information check The Original Unoffical John Pyper-Ferguson Homepage.

Karri Turner (Tara Scully) has starred in three TV series - "South Park", "JAG" and "Wild Oats".

The Pain Factor
Mulder hardly appears in this episode while Scully isn't harmed physically.

Zoe Anderson who plays 16 year old Dana Scully in the flashback scenes, is Gillian Anderson's younger sister.

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