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Episode 5X10

First screened in Australia: 29 April, 1998
First screened in the USA: 8 February, 1998

Title: Chinga (aka Bunghoney)


Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Stephen King and Chris Carter
Starring: Guest Stars:
While on vacation in Maine, Agent Scully encounters a bizarre case where the victims appear to have inflicted wounds upon themselves - apparently at the behest of a strange young girl.
My Rating: 6/10

Another episode ravaged by the critics and fans at the time it aired and while it's not brilliant it's really not that bad. The opening scenes with Scully on vacation are hilarious.

Notable Quotable:
Scully: "Hello?"
Mulder: "Hey, morning, sunshine."
Scully: "Mulder?"
Mulder: "Yeah. I was a little worried about you. I was wondering if you needed my help up there."

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
This episode recycled quite a few actors from other episodes...

Larry Musser (Jack Bonsaint) also appeared in "Die Hand, Die Verletzt", "Unrequited" and "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'".

William MacDonald (Buddy Riggs) was in "The Host" and "2shy".

Gordon Tipple (Assistant Manager) was in "Eve" and "Humbug".

Harrison R. Coe (Dave the Fishmonger) also appeared in "Apocrypha" and "Kaddish".

Dean Wray (Rich Turner) was in "Oubliette".

Henry Beckman (old man in store) was in "Squeeze" (where you can see information on his career) and "Tooms".

Susannah Hoffman (Melissa Turner) appeared in "Synchrony". She was in "Anne of Avonlea", a 1989 movie called "Millennium" and "The Courage To Love". On TV she's had guest roles on "Katts And Dog", "The Outer Limits" and "Goosebumps".

Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson (Polly Turner) has been in 4 TV movies including "Papa's Angels" plus episodes of "Millennium" and "The Outer Limits".

The scene with Mudler watching a "video" caused much fuss and bother on the lists and newsgroups at the time. The sounds coming from Mulder's TV are not conducive with the bee swarm video he tells Scully he's watching. Also, the open, empty video box on the front of his desk is marked, "Alien Probe". This prop was discussed in the March 1998 US magazine cover story on David Duchovny and, according to the interview, he's definitely watching a porno, the video box was his idea and Kim Manners nixed the thought of Mulder standing up and being pantless. Yes, you can see a brief clip of someone being attacked by bees on the TV as he turns it off, but he first turned the video off with the remote. When he put the tape in, the bee show was already playing.

Scully mimics a scene from "Trilogy Of Terror" where Karen Black threw her evil doll into the oven.

The name of the lobster boat was "Working Girl", a David Duchovny movie from his early days.

The title "Chinga" is a Spanish word that roughly translates as a slang term for sex.

Scully's vacation reading: "Affirmations For Women Who Do Too Much".

Tiny Dancer.

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