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Episode 5X16

First screened in Australia: 10 June, 1998
First screened in the USA: 19 April, 1998

Title: Mind's Eye

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Tim Minear
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a murder that seems to have been committed by a blind woman, but Mulder suspects that her involvement is not what it seems
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My Rating: 9/10

An excellent episode that really rips at your emotions ... Lili Taylor is such a good actor that I really felt sorry for her miserable existence and the pain she had suffered looking through the eyes of her murdering father. Mulder feels the same way and it's easy to see the connection between the two characters ... Marty and Mulder are very similar in their strong beliefs and their "lone" existence and particularly, their sense of humour. Never before has a charcter been able to match Mulder's smart replies!

The effects are well done and the scene where Marty gets to see herself for the very first time is quite poignant. Her desperation is heart-felt and her standing in the cell at the end of the episode when the guard yells "lights out" is a chilling moment, with only thoughts of the ocean (and possibly Mulder) to comfort her.

Notable Quotable:
Mulder: (looking at a slide of a dead guy) I have the same pair of pants.

Mulder: So, what, you think that uh, she caught Little Monster trying to snatch the pebble from her hand?

Marty: Oh ... itís you.
Pennock: (to Mulder and Scully) See what I mean?
Marty: Itís not magic. Itís your crappy cologne. (Mulder is amused) Whoís that with you?
Mulder: (surprised) Special Agent Mulder.

Scully: Well, you could be charged right now .. for the fact that youíve given no compelling reason why you were in that motel room. What were you doing there, Marty?
Marty: Putting mints on the pillows.

Marty: Is that a crime?
Scully: If you were involved in any way.
Marty: (sarcastically) You mean like, an eyewitness? Scully: Did you intend to buy drugs from Paco Ordonez? (Marty takes a big drag off her cigarette) Did you kill him?
Marty: Eh, maybe it was just his time to go. I mean, other than the stab wound, did you check his cholesterol level or anything?

Scully: Well, how else did she see? Bat vision?

Pennock: You know, the thing I find most surprising about this case is you. You are one sceptical guy, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: Sceptical?!
Pennock: Oh, yeah.
Mulder: Iíve been called a lot of things. Sceptical, however, is not one.

Marty: (very quietly - to her father as she shoots him) I hate the way you see me.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Lili Taylor (Marty) has appeared in movies such as "The Haunting", "Janis", "Ransom" with Mel Gibson, "Four Rooms", "Short Cuts", "Born On The 4th Of July", "Mystic Pizza" alongside Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish who starred on The X-Files during season 8, and one of my favourites, "She's Having A Baby" with Kevin Bacon.

For information on Blu Mankuma (Det Pennock) check "Ghost In The Machine" .

The Pain Factor
Mulder and Scully escape unscathed.

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