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"Field Trip"

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Episode 6ABX21

Title: Field Trip

First screened in Australia: 7 July, 1999
First screened in the USA: 9 May, 1999

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Story: Frank Spotnitz
Teleplay:Vince Gilligan & John Shiban
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Mulder disappears while investigating two skeletons in a rural area. Scully and The Lone Gunmen search for him, only to learn that he believes he was taken on a "Field Trip" by aliens. Scully believes he has finally gone mad until he shows her his newest friend -- a Gray alien that he abducted. Scully's reaction: "Oh, my God!"
Fox Press Release
My Rating: 6/10

This episode was disappointing because it was way too obvious and I hate "dream" episodes as much as I hate "time-travel" episodes. From the moment Mulder's car drove onto the mushrooms and the spores flew up it was just too predicatable. Many poeple have reacted negatively to season six, calling it "X-Files Lite" (I'm not one of them; I've enjoyed most of season six!) and this episode didn't help the cause. As the penultimate episode of the year I think it should have been a much tougher episode, possibly leading into the finale.

The redeeming feature of the episode though was some excellent special effects and I admit the Mulder-Scully-alien sequence was fun. The wake was also funny; seeing The Lone Gunmen in an "unsuspicious" mode.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Jim Beaver (The Coroner) has appeared in lots of B-grade movies and has also guest-starred on many TV shows. His most well-known movies include "Sliver", "Sister Act", "Turner and Hooch" and "Silkwood" while on TV he's had regular roles in "Murder Call" and "Days Of Our Lives". He also wrote and starred in "Sweet Revenge" with Nancy Allen.

Robyn Lively (Angela) has starred on TV in "Savannah" and "Doogie Howser MD" and has been in numerous movies including "Karate Kid III". She also appeared on "Chicago Hope" in a regular role.

The Pain Factor:
Mulder and Scully went through a painful interrment, being slowly digested by a giant fungal organism.

The original title for this episode was thought to be "Lies" which would have been the first of a three part myth-arc. This was scrapped and the episode became a standalone "monster of the week".