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"This is Not Happening"

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Episode 8ABX14

Title: This is Not Happening

First screened in Australia: May 10, 2001
First screened in the USA: February 25, 2001

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writers: Chis Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
A New Agent Joins The Hunt For Mulder On "THE X-FILES".

The search for Mulder intensifies as FBI agent Monica Reyes (guest star Annabeth Gish) joins the hunt for the missing Mulder in the first of a three-episode story arc.

As Scully and Doggett's difference of opinions about the missing Mulder heighten, Doggett enlists Reyes' help to bring her own viewpoint and expertise to the mysterious Mulder X-File. In the climatic episode ending, Scully has a shocking encounter with Mulder in the "This Is Not Happening" episode of THE X-FILES.

Fox Press Release
My Rating: 9/10
A great episode that sees some great acting from the cast, particularly Gillian Anderson. It's still a pity that Mulder had such a small role. The UFO/Richie sequences were effective and it was also good to see Jeremiah Smith return and lend a helping hand to the abductees. Overall it wasn't a 10, in my opinion (although lots of people have given it a perfect score), but it was damn good.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
For more information on Roy Thinnes (Jeremiah Johnson) see

judson scottJudson Earney Scott (Absolom) has a theatrical background. On TV he's had ongoing roles in the soaps "Search For Tomorrow" and "One Life To Live" and starred in "V", "The Phoenix" and "The Colbys". His movie roles include "Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan", "I The Jury", "Blade" and "Fugitive Mind". For more information check the Judson Scott: A Fan Tribute website.

Bernard White (Dr. Strauss) wrote and directed the movie "The Want", starring Jeff Kober from the "Ice" episode. As an actor he's appeared in "City Of Angels" and "Pay It Forward". On TV he starred in "Santa Barbara", "Dragnet" and "General Hospital" and has been seen in episodes of "JAG", "Buffy" and "ER".

At the time this episode aired in Australia, the only other role Randy Ross (Nike Man) had been in was a straight-to-video movie called "The Choice".

For information on Judd Trichter (Richie Szalay) and Eddie Kaye Thomas (Gary Cory), see "Requiem".

For information on Sarah Koskoff (Teresa Hoese) see the "Pilot" episode.

Trivia and Research:
The FBI's 1992 report on "Satanic Ritual Abuse" is printed in its entirety on this website:

From The Official X-Files Web Site.

The title, while spoken by Richie and Scully, is also a reference to Darin Morgan's episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", where a man, disguised as an alien is abducted by real aliens, sits in a cage muttering the phrase "This is not happening" over and over again.

Media Article:
Another New Agent!

A new cast member will join the series as the search for Mulder ends.

Some weeks ago, word got out among the X-Files fan community that Ten Thirteen Productions was casting a for an "Agent Karen Miller" for episode 8x14, "This is Not Happening." The character was described as "attractive" and in her late 20s to early 30s. The cast breakdown stated that she was spiritual and perhaps as a result more open to the paranormal, but that she was still very grounded. She was listed as a "guest star," rather than a recurring or regular character.

Well, the role has been cast.

It was first reported in The Hollywood Reporter (January 3, 2001), and then picked up by all the usual entertainment outlets, that Annabeth Gish has been cast to appear in a three-episode arc, with an option to return as a regular in the fall if the series is picked up for a ninth season. According to the article, she "will be brought to the team by agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick) from the New Orleans office, where she has been working a ritualistic crime detail dealing with reports of satanic cults."

X-Files creator Chris Carter is quoted as saying that "[Gish's character, as yet unofficially unnamed)] is quite unlike any of the other agents. She has been neither a firm believer nor a major skeptic, either."

Adding a little spice to the mix, in that way that television series always seem to do, the new agent has some sort of personal history with Patrick's Doggett, the addition of whose character has been widely credited with rejuvenating The X-Files this season.

Gish's first episode will be broadcast on February 25, 2001, and will mark the return of David Duchovny's Fox Mulder to the series. Duchovny has been appearing only on a part-time basis this year at his own request.

In the casting announcement, Carter made it clear that the new character is not a replacement for Dana Scully or anyone else. According to the article in the Reporter, "if the show returns for a ninth season, Gish will become a regular, but she will not replace anybody, Carter emphasized. 'It seems to me that we have benefited from the addition of Robert Patrick to the cast, and we're hoping that we can expand the cast even further and as successfully with Annabeth.'"

Annabeth (real name Anne Elizabeth) Gish, came into the spotlight in the films Desert Bloom (1986) and Mystic Pizza (1988), which also starred a then unknown Julia Roberts. Her other major film roles have been in Wyatt Earp (1994), The Last Supper (1995), Nixon (1995), and Double Jeopardy (1999).

Though she has been a large number of TV movies, her only prior series work was in the short-lived 1995 CBS series Courthouse and as a guest star in a 1996 episode of Chicago Hope.

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