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Tues., August 28th - 8 pm CKVR Grad. Part 1
Sat., Sept. 1st - 8 pm YTV unknown
Tues., Sept. 4th - 8 pm CKVR Grad. Part 2
Sat., Sept. 8th - 5 pm CKVR Welcome to the Hellmouth
- 8 pm YTV I Was Made to Love You
Sun., Sept. 9th - 5 pm CKVR The Harvest
Mon., Sept. 10th - 8 pm SPACE Welcome to the Hellmouth
Tues., Sept. 11th - 2 am SPACE Welcome to the Hellmouth
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Updates 08/30/01 - Just fixed up the Upcoming menu above.  With the show going into syndication, it's getting complicated, so I'm going to have to work on a new way to do the layout.  Right now, it looks like YTV is leaving their new eps on Saturday at 8, while CKVR is leaving new episodes on Tuesdays at 8, and showing syndicated episodes on the weekends at 5 pm (Sat and Sun).  Space is supposed to be showing the episodes weeknights at 8, and it looks like they start on the 10th.  I can't tell yet how long the schedule will stay like this, so check back in often for updates, or join the announcement list to be emailed with news.
               On a side note, I'm transfering this page over to an old computer, since I'm away at school now.  So, on this upload, some things may get messed up.  If you find a link that no longer works, or broken image links, or anything just plain wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it asap.
               I've done a fairly big update to the spoiler section.

08/16/01- I really apologize for lack of updates. Summer is a bit of a crazy time, and I'm moving into my first apartment, so things have been a little hectic. Once September starts, I should have a lot more time to put into the site. I've had a few offers for help, and they are greatly appreciated. If you're interested in contributing to the site, visit here. I'm also checking email regularly, so feel free to drop me a line. Otherwise, I ask that you just be patient until I get a bit of free time.

07/16/01 - Nothing major, but I put up a scan of a Toronto Star article on the lack of Emmy's for Buffy and the WB, in the new media section.

06/27/01 - I apologize for the lack of updates.  Real life is being a bit of a pain.  I didn't do much tonight, but I've put in a few Gift screencaps in the various galleries.  I also put up a ptbcanadian banner on the Canadian page.

06/05/01 - Okay, finally got all those photo galleries going.  And I added plenty of photos to the already existing ones.  So, go have a look.  I still don't have anyone signing up to help out, or to join the CBWG.  Not feelin' the love here people.  And if you enjoy the site, or even if you don't, go sign the guestbook and let me know what and what not to change.

06/01/01 - Happy June everyone!  Well, I've been working all night, and you probably won't notice many changes at all.  I updated the spoilers page.  I changed free message board hosts, since CoolBoard was closing down.  I've moved all the old posts to the new board.  I think it's a little simpler and easier to navigate.  Please, go post!  No need to register or anything.  Also, I haven't gotten any submissions at all for the CBWG (Canadian Buffy Webmasters' Guild).  If you want to support other Canadian Buffy Webmasters, please, go check out the page, and consider joining.  I've also updated the upcoming episodes, above.  As you can see, CKVR and YTV are now showing different episodes.

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It looks as though CKVR (and probably all the other VR stations) will be showing Buffy reruns on Friday and Saturday nights at 5 pm, while still showing new episodes Tuesday nights at 8 pm.  Anyone with more information on the upcoming schedules for any of the Canadian channels, please email me with it.

Space: The Imagination Station has picked up Buffy for syndication. Starting September 10th, they will be showing all the episodes from seasons 1-5 every weekday at 7 pm. Thanks to those who told me about this.

BIG NEWS! The WB has lost their contract to air Buffy. Instead, the show will be moving to UPN. Visit here to find out more.

Joss (Buffy creator) has got the go-ahead on the development of a Buffy cartoon. This half-hour animated series will take the gang back to high school. It will air as part of Fox Kids. No word on Canadian syndication yet.

SMG (Buffy) is filming "Scooby Doo" in Australia. Due out in 2002, the live action-adventure has Sarah starring with Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lilliard, Linda Cardellini, and Rowan Atkinson. Visit the IMDb site for more information.

According to IMDb, Alyson Hannigan (Willow) is in the cast of "Beyond City Limits" with Alexis Denisof (Wesley) coming out this year as well.  She's also in American Pie 2, in theatres now.

Seth Green (Oz) is keeping busy, being credited in "Rat Race," and "Knockaround Guys," out later this year.  He was also in Josie and the Pussycats (available for rental) and America's Sweethearts (in theatres).

Eliza Dushku (Faith) and Marc Blucas (Riley) can be seen in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", now in theatres.

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