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The truth is, I gave my heart away a long time ago, all of it, and I never really got it back.
-sweet home alabama

i just don't get why i wasn't crazy about him when he was crazy about me....- Amanda j

is love really love if only one of you believes in it? - Mike Gayle

If i love you enough to let you go, would you love me enough to come back?

If I had a dime for every time you walked away, I could afford not to give a shit. -Incubus

Did I miss your call again? No, you never called. It was a thought inside my head.

All I want is not to need you now. -Dashboard Confessional

Here I am on the phone again and awkward silence on the other end... I used to know the sound of a smile in your voice, but right now all I feel is the pain of the fighting starting up again. -Good Charlotte

there's this guy i know... we used to be something... now, we're just people

Taking my time, I'm trying to leave the memories of you behind. I'm gonna be fine as soon as I get your picture right out of my mind. I wanna feel the way you make me feel when I'm with you... I wanna be the only hand you need to hold on to. But everytime I call you don't have time... I guess I'll never get to call you mine. -Simple Plan

Just because I am running in your direction does not mean I am racing into your arms.

you light me up and then i fall for you, you lay me down and then i call for you stumbling on reasons that are far and few i'd let it all come down and then some for you ... you're the one that i belong to ...

They press their lips against you, and you love the lies they say. ~ Goo Goo Dolls

I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears... and if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave, because your presence still lingers here

i wanna hang onto something that won't break away or fall apart like the pieces of my heart

I keep letting you back in, how can I explain myself, as painful as this thing has been, I just can't be with no one else..see I know what we got to do, you let go and I'll let go too, 'cause no one hurt me more than you..and no one ever will..-Lauryn Hill

Don't allow someone to be your everything while allowing yourself to be their option.

You were my happiness and now you are the obstacle in front of it.

The hardest part, when watching love die, is the whispering softly, the final goodbye.

in the best possible way, you have absolutely wrecked me, because you see, i fell in love with you, knowing that there was never any possibility of being with you. - dawsons creek

am i not pretty enough? is my heart too broken? do i cry too much? am i too outspoken? don't i make you laugh? should i try it harder? why do you see right through me? -kasey chambers

What good is searching if nothing's left to find.

it shouldnt hurt me to be free, it's what i really need to pull myself together... but if its so good being free, would you mind telling me why i dont know what to do with myself? -emiliana torini

theres always someone better out there for everyone. its the beauty of life: you can always try again .-Ashley-

bittersweet memories, that is all i'm taking with me. so goodbye, and please don't cry.. we both know that i'm not what you need.... and i will always love you -whitney houston

My soul is empty now; it's a dark abyss. No heart, no feeling, no light. You ask me, "How did you become so cold?" I answered, "I loved you."

I can't remember life before his name...

So you're breaking my heart into a million pieces, and you're saying it's because I deserve better? - Dawson's Creek

I don't know why your heart doesn't do what your mind tells it to -Brown Sugar

it was you & me, but mostly me, lost in you ..and i can't find myself again

Do you remember me now? You acted like you never noticed me. Forget it, 'cause the gone has come around and you're not allowed to be a part of me. - Hoobastank

i know she loves you & i can't interfere so i'll just sit back & watch my world disappear

you may have created my past and screwed up my present, but you have no control over my future -david klass

I've made my choice, and i chose me -90210

Don't ever limit yourself to one love, because than you see all the good in that person and never the bad because you can't see yourself with anyone but them. -Kim

i know my tears won't stop until my love does and my love won't stop until my heart does

I need to find myself today before I ever find my way back to you.

Somehow I tend to leave behind the tears and truth, and just forget that I can't get over you. -The Tuesdays

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely. -- Charlie Brown

Sometimes you find out what you wanted, isn't really what you need. And the dream and all it's promise was never meant to be. All your hope and desperation, won't make it like it was and you believe the pain will never pass, believe me in time it does.

-I always wanted to try for you..I'd have done anything and more. But now you're so far out of reach. I've tried to hold on..but I just can't anymore. I'm tired of trying for something that never gets any better. I'm tired of the pain. So from now on we'll live our lives apart from each other, and we'll pretend we don't remember everything we've shared. But I would've done anything for you..and I still would. - Allison

..i envy the one who youve loved before because i cant help thinking they held the one part of you i long for the most

dont be fooled by her pretty smile, inside she's breaking, she's so fragile

how can you hide from what never goes away?

I know we don't have that long to be together, but when you're lonely, just remember I'm under the same stars as you.

if i don't want to see you, its because it hurts too much

-Staying angry with you is how I protect myself from you. Refusing to forgive you is not only how I punish you; it is also how I keep you from getting close enough to hurt me again, and nine times out of ten it works-only there is a serious side effect. It is called bitterness, and it can do terrible things to the human body and soul.

He's not even worth hating...much less loving.

He was never my boyfriend, but I miss his hugs, his smile, his advice, his love, his kindness, the times we cried together & the times we laughed together. I guess I fell in love with our friendship.

It's like you wanted to see how bad you could hurt me, how many times you could make me cry, before I finally got mad.

i'm fighting for something that doesn't even want to be fought for, so broken, yet still going -coley

If you pick up the phone, please don't call me.

Much of our hearts are not controlled by ourselves, but instead by what other people do or say, how they are or will be. Everything we feel lies in the hands of others, that's why it hurts so much sometimes, because you didn't cause yourself the pain, so you can't stop it.

I needed you more, you wanted me less

Nothing can make this feeling go away, even though sometimes I want it to so badly

I can't be held accountable if you cant make up your mind. Tonight as much as i would like to, I can't put my hands all over you. If i put myself in that position to be immune to you, it'll keep my heart from breaking, If you cant make up your mind

i want to give up on you, but im afraid no one else loves you like i did, and i love you too much to leave you alone like that, no matter how much you deserve it

No reason to stay is a good reason to go

The best thing about loving and being hurt is that you get to know what true love really is. For as gold is tested in fire, and so will love be perfected in pain

Through all of his faults...he somehow completed me. I guess it was selfishness that kept bringing me back for more. But hurting me once wasn't enough for him and walking away from me once wasn't enough either. So am I the selfish one for wanting to make myself feel loved? Or is he the selfish one for wanting to cause me more heartache

You left me hurting, But I can forgive you for that now. You taught me something, something took me half my life to learn. When you give all yourself away, just tell them to be careful of your heart

If you can look into my eyes and tell me you never loved me then i will walk away and never speak of it again

What I need to do, Is turn this car around, Drive as fast as I can 'til I,
See the lights of our hometown. And run to her, Take her in my arms,
Make her see how sorry I am, Well that shouldn't be so hard.
But I drive on, And on, and on. -Kenny Chesney

sometimes the one love you cant get over, is the one love you really never had

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