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NEWS FOR 3/4/99!!---------------------------------------------------
Well the Neo Geo Page is done, but the HUGE QUESTION of the moment is wether Battlesphere will ever get encrypted by HASBRO!

My Neo Geo Page is finally up now with loads of information.

I will be done with construction on my V.R. page pretty soon so stay tuned! -ummm...eventually

I am going to make a separate page just for the Atari Jaguar soon also.

The Jaguar Lives! Atari closed its doors in late 1995 but a handful of developers have committed to keeping it alive. Since Atari merged with JTS corporation there has been 7 releases, with many more hopefully to come.

Recently on Jaguar Interactive there have been numerous reports about a possible comeback of the Jaguar with 25 new games, could this be true? More to come.

Jag Fest 99, where will it be held this year? There have been many suggestions that it be held in Minnesota but there are no definite plans.

It looks like Jag Fest will be in Rochester, MN. this year on June 18th 1999.

Go visit the official Jag Fest website for more attendes and guests.

Here are the announced attendes of Jag Fest 99 if it happens this year:
-Carl Forhan (developer on Protector and the Group Game)
-Scott Walters (developer on Gorf 2000 and Group Game)
-Dan (Team 13)
-Gary (Team 13)
-Fard (5th Anniversary of Atari Video)
-Representative from OMC games (developers of The Assasin)
-ETHunter (Host)
-Terance Willianms (FORCE Design, Krunch FORCE)
-Guy Biermann
-Derek D. Dash
-----More announcments to come------------------------------

Atari Jaguar Future Release Dates as of 3/4/99.
The Assassin---1999/2000-(OMC games......)
Gorf 2000------1999/2000-(Krunch software)
Protector------1999------(Carl Forhan....)
Group Game-----2000------(Various........)
Iron Sol. 2----1997------(Telegames......)
Automaniacs----cancelled-(Visual Dimen...)
Orb of Bengazi-N/A-------(OMC games......)
Age of DarknessN/A-------(OMC games......)
Zero 5---------1997------(Telegames......)
Defcon 1-------cancelled-(Dark Knight....)
Breakout 2000--1997------(Telegames......)
Towers 2-------1997------(Telegames......)
World T. Race.-1997------(Telegames......)
Legion Force Jidai-1999/2000(FORCE Design)
Aircars--------1996------(ICD software...)
S.A.I. Core----1999/2000-(Band in the Box)
Gunfight Max.--1999/2000-(Band in the Box)

Rumored Upcoming Releases-----------------------------------


Lost Games--------------------------------------------------

Demolition Man-----------(Vigin......)
Black Ice, White Noise---(Atari......)
Commander Blood----------(?..........)
Brett Hull Hockey--------(Accolade...)
Robinsons Requiem--------(?..........)
Soulstar-----------------(Core Design)
Phase Zero---------------(?..........)
Space War 2000-----------(Atari......)
Death Watch--------------(Data Design)
Hyper Force--------------(C-West.....)
Nerf Max Force-----------(?..........)
Legion of the Dead-------(Rebellion..)
Slam Racer---------------(Sinister...)
Creature Shock-----------(Virgin.....)
Jack Nocholaus Cyber Golf(Accolade...)
Tiny Toons Adventures----(?..........)
Zone Hunter--------------(VR.........)

If I missed any please email me at capt_smiley@email.msn.com thanks.

The Laserdisc fan club is now selling Pioneer Laseractive software at discount prices! As not many people know the Pioneer Laseractive was a system released in 1993 at a far too high price for the average consumer. There was over a dozen titles released for it that were really spectacular. Follow the last two links below for more information.
Here is the complete list of Laseractive games( if I forgot any on this list please let me know...

1.Pyramid Patrol for the Mega Ld
2.The Great Pyramid for the Mega Ld
3.I Will for the Mega Ld
4.Hi-Roller Battle for the Mega Ld
5.Space Beserker for the Mega Ld
6.Quiz Econosaurus for the Ld Rom
7.Manhattan Requiem for the Ld Rom
8.Vajra for the Ld Rom
9.Rocket Coaster for the Mega Ld
10.3D Museum for the Mega Ld
11.Triadstone for the Mega Ld
12.Hyperion for the Mega Ld (3D compatable)
13.Melon Brains for the Mega Ld (3D compatable)
14.Don Quixote for the Mega Ld
15.Goku for the Mega Ld
16.Road Prosecutor for the Mega Ld
17.Ghost Rush for the Mega Ld
18.Blue Chicago Blues for the Mega Ld and Ld Rom
19.Myst for the Mega Ld (never released)
20.Legacy for the Mega Ld and Ld Rom (never released)
21.Vajra 2 for the Mega Ld and Ld Rom (released only in Japan)

Saturn makes come back!


Protector will be released by the end of the year for the Atari Jaguar by Carl Forhan.

The Saturn will be relaunched this Spring at a price of only $49.99. There will also be new titles released during the launch. The Saturn is still going strong in japan so it is likly that they will simply port over titles.

The Game Gear will also be relaunched at a price of $29.99. The Genesis was relaunched earlier this year in a new form.

VM labs Nuon will hopefully be released sometime in early 1999. The system is a chip that comes in certain DVD players by different manufacturers. The system is 128-bit and the confirmed launch titles are Tempest 3000 and Iron Solider 3.

SNK is currently making another sequel to the famed Fatal Fury Series as of yet intitaled Fatal Fury 4. Tomarrow I will post a list of release dates for future SNK games.

For a limited time only The Official SNK web site is selling a brand new Neo Geo CD for $179.99 with two controllers, so go check out their site!


Ville Jarvi has obtained the source code to Native a game that was cancelled for release on the Atari Jaguar. If you would like to help bring this game to life by contributing codeing, graphics, or sounds email him at ville.jarvi@pp.inet.fi) or follow the link to the left to the Native Reborn site.

Each game for each system is rated compared to standards set by other games on its system and not games for other systems (Umm yeh thats it)

1.Club Drive for the Atari Jaguar
Graphics- 3 out of 10
Sound- 6 out of 10
Control- 7.5 out of 10
Fun- 8 out of 10

2.Doom for the Atari jaguar
Graphics- 8 out of 10
Sound- 5 out of 10
Control- 9 out of 10
Fun- 9 out of 10

3.King of the Monsters for the Neo Geo CD
Graphics- 8 out of 10
Sound- 8 out of 10
Control- 8.5 out of 10
Fun- 9.5 out of 10

4.Virtual Fighter 2 for the Sega Saturn
Graphics- 9 out of 10
Sound- 7 out of 10
Control- 9 out of 10
Fun- 8.5 out of 10

5.Hi Roller Battle for the Pioneer Laseractive
Graphics- 8.5 out of 10
Sound- 10 out of 10
Control- 7 out of 10
Fun- 8.5 out of 10

Tomarrow look for a Aleins vs. Predetor review!

This page was last updated on 3/4/99!

If you have any questions or comments email me at

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