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The Formation of the CHPSI
Caravan Hound Preservation Society International

What is the purpose of the CHPSI?

"To preserve the hound in its natural state as a true hunting sighthound." -- This is the statement that the CHPSI was based on, the club was formed to preserve this breed in its natural form. Not only as a show dog and pet, but as a coursing hound, bred to hunt, in looks, function and temperament.

The Caravan Hound is a rare and unknown sighthound breed from India. It is one we must preserve in order to be able to see it for the next decades to come.
Sure, it resembles the Sloughi and Saluki greatly, but there is no other breed with the intelligance and the fire of a Caravan Hound.

-- "We must preserve the hound of today, as if we lost it, we would never be able to recreate it."

-- "To create a dog that looks like a Caravan Hound is a simple task, but to create one which acts like a Caravan, hunts like one and has the intelligance of one ... that is an impossible task which no mortal human being can achive."

The Caravan Hound Preservation Society International (CHPSI) was formed in July 2000 to preserve and perpetuate the Caravan Hound breed of dog. We are based in North America, with our secretary in New Jersey. Our club is made up mostly of Caravan Hound owners/breeders and enthusiasts. Our members live all over the world, mostly in the US and India. We are the first club in history to be devoted to the Caravan Hound breed exclusively, also we publish the only journal about the Caravan Hound, entitled "The Traveling Caravan".