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"The Prophesy" a Sailor Moon RPG

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Updated : September 18, 2009
Chapter 1: A NEW BEGINNING!!

So it was written long ago before the galaxy cauldren had spewed forth the starseeds of the Pretty Sailor Soldiers, that a darkness would come silence would fall and the Planetary, Starlight, Animate, and Amazoness senshi would vanish. The clocks of eternity will start to wind down as the end of everything comes near.

In their steed new soldiers of love and hope shall arise; to face new evils but to also find out how this prophesy came to be, to remedy it before it comes true. Will it be in time before the end comes? Can these new senshi that shall arise come in time to save their allies and all the Universes?


Heavy Metal ShrinePrima DonnaCrystal Scout Shrine Prima Donna Crystal Sailor Shirne

WELCOME! I am Game Master Carnal Darkness. Come in look around if you like what you see feel free to join. Make sure you look at the Background Info first, read the Rules next, then read about the other Characters. Once ALL that is done go to the Character Form and fill it out. If you are having troubles in the creation department go to the Extras page and check out some characters there that are for rent. Last but NEVER least check out the Picture page.

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Prima DonnaCrystal Scout ShrinePrima Donna Crystal Scout Shrine Prima Donna Crystal Scout Shrine

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