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Cassondra`s Site ;]


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About Me

All you wanna know about ME ! =]

this page is all about me (obviously) and what i like :)   .. and what i dont :( 

yeassss hmmm all my likes are over there ------->
and i'll probably put my dislikes over there too .. when i get the time lol wooooo :) well keep checkin back for updates :)


Favorite Stuff

yeahhh pretty much whatever I like to be at all the time

I like hanging out with my friends most of all :) (find out who they are check out the hey to link)
yayy listening to muszacc ( red hot chili peppers :):) , 3 doors down, pink floyd , metallica , our lady peace , nickelback , dave matthews and  much much more =) ) is way up there on fave things to do .. I like going to our huge big mall (dont ya just lovvveee that sarcasm) and i wish i could play guitarrr but that takes effort and for those who know me I DONT LIKE EFFORT hahaha ;] hmm .. not muchh to do in town but its all good ! i love playing paintball (especially capture the flag) and i used to like army cadets until the buggers kicked me out hahaha!! i love the legend of zelda for nintendo ( i have every game .. seriously ) lol* i like school aiight besides for the whole school part .. that really ruins it ! woooo i like to travel too !
i dont like ..
punk music (ie simple plan) , cocky people that have no reason to be cocky in the first place, hockey games for nintendo (haha chris), having nothing to do, being cold, people telling me to do something that im on my way to do :@ .. well actually i hate people telling me what to do anyway,
i'll add more layta ;] xo

Fave Quotes ;]

mostly quotes .. maybe a few poems that i like :)

yay quotes ! :) most of them from --->
you look like a sweet person .. mind if i lick you to find out ?
if i could be anything i would be your tear so i could be born in your eye , live down your cheek and die on your lips :)
you laugh because im different .. i laugh because you're all the same!!
guys are like slinkies .. its always fun to watch them fall down stairs! j/k !;]
who do you turn to when the only one that can dry your tears is the one who made you cry ..
i'll risk everything i have . i'll fight 'till i bleed . i'll give you my life - if thats what you need :)
The voices in my head dont like you ..
*if i kiss him will he shut up?*
i had a dream i still loved you .. I THINK I WOKE UP SCREAMING :)
a sharp tounge can slit its own throat (cough ..sputter GACK! haha)
"officer! i swear to drunk im not god!" ;]
forget the times you walked by forget the times you made me cry , forget the time you held my hand forget the sweet things if i can . i can no longer pretend i gotta remember now you're just my friend ..
the truth is , if you slit my throat with my last dying breath i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt
the opposite sex is the most dangerous and addictive drug out there  - but the high is unlike anything else
this time its over, im keepin my heart , im gonna be strong and not fall apart
it'll get better , i'll no longer cry .. in a couple of weeks i wont want to die, i wont want to go back i'll be able to sleep , it wont hurt so bad or cut so deep