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Cassondra`s Site ;]


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Hey to ...

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU SEXY PEOPLE hahaha love you all (in a good way) xoxoxoxox bffaanmwtfhe !! oh yah i dont have any particular order goin on here so dont go and get all offended ! ;]

* well .. you all know im an idiot haha so this wont come as a shock to you 
--> i deleted all the fancy stuff the site had goin on for this page and im much to lazy to do another one so its kinda plain but its all good :) hmm yeah some of my friends are listed and some inside jokes too hahaha :) im not all done this so your name will probably be there by the time im finished .. tell me if you want me to put it there !! :) 
nick -   LOVE YOU SO MUCHH !! :D xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox there ya go happy now ? haha <3 u ;)
well you cant get to heaven on roller skates .. .. .. *shifty eyes* our original joke was crazy eights .. muhahahha ;]    hmm lets see .. shiggity shiggity nintendo ;] and i can SOOOO kick your asss!! take that !! look ! look at it go ! ..its not moving. *shakes it* yes it is!! haha    
sam r - oh my dear god we have soooooo many inside jokes .. lets see .. skills which i have.. "so we cant swim in water now ? OK THEN" hahaha
"HES MY BOYFRIEND!!"  voices from queer as folk(sey)--> ".....hes our boyfriend now" NOOO! ! HAHAHAHAHAH :))) hmm what else .. rat boy ! HAHAHAH UR FISH HAS SOME NET ATTACHED TO IT !! BAHAHAHAHAHA anyways g2g xoxoxoxoxo love you (in a good -- no wait .. a BAD way hahaha) 
kari - hehehe the horrors of the world descended on your poor head delirium!haha wayyyy too many funny stuff has happened to us to list it all! probably the most recent would be the wreckhouse winds! WOOO goes the flute! haha yes
well ... THICK!!!
jason - INDEED .. .. ahem .. glad-e .. im sorry but i wont forget it !!! i love you jase-on !! yes haha remember last year my crazy nan brought us all to your house .. oh dear me and my white pants :S hahaha its all good !! lol crazy englishhhhh class halairious tho !! :)   .. wooot woot woot ! woooooot!! ;]
melanie - woooop .. ahaha you and your crazy obsession with kenneth!! hahaha we share a common hatred .. cough cough you know who im talking about !!  
amy - oh myy we dont hang much anymore gurl !! blahhh :P hmmm .. lol many many many many inside jokes ..many many MANY hahahaha fun times !! BISHOPS !! :)
neil - crazyyyyy youu are AHOY HOY , EGGS and our other inside joke im not writing it hahahahahaha
jenn b - hehehehe best legs in town IM NOT DRUNK I SWEAR IT JENN!! :)
matt l- i seriously dont think mr carrol can burn you anymore lol* eskimo bob?? hahaha  
swathi - heh heh aragorn haha LOTE FOREVER!!! :):) blahh social studies !
evan - hmmmm dont really talk anymore its always much too awkward i guess!! oh well lol as usual playin your guitar and not paying attention to msn ..
this is it by !! grrr you *quit* jazz band !! :@ lol* : ) : ) 
megan r - hahahaha he who must not be named #13! .. or was it 14 ? you keep track better than me hahaha :) ohmy !! hehe *bangs into a lightpole*
greg g- my new friend !! hahaha im cassondra not cassandra!! LOL*
ryan h -  haha woo crazy patch on your shirt .. i wonder why i can even remember that ? hahahaha anyways i do you drunken savage !! :)
aaron d - flick goes the hair! you know im joking  ..*flick* .. hahaha .. *poke*
kacie - wooooo yay alot of memories .. crazy time change in the woods and out wishing well thing we sat on/under while the rain poured down hahah :)
chris prowse - you got a new hat !! yay :) hahaha !!
coffin - hahahaha i flipped you over outside the ymca :) lol* hahahahahaha funny stuff lol i enjoy books!! lol*
corb - wooop pink floyd rocks and you know it ... :) crazy-ness !!
rick - hahahaha "i'll laugh if you fall off !!!(the trussle)" hehehe
sam g - hahaha we all turn into rocks when we die !! (yes i am aware im crazy)   dancing in band class ! heyyyyyaaaaa =D