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Cassondra`s Site ;]
Heyy :)whats up ? hmm im just trying to get this page running .. im not used to it yet so you'll have to deal! ;] haha yeahh everyone else has a site so i was like .. yes i'll have one too !and im also very bored right now ! yeahh im not near finished so it really sucks now but the will get better! i promise ! :)
        -Cass =]
just when i think this is as good as it gets .. you go and make it better : )
                                 cass loves s.v.s

if the only way i can be with you is in my dreams ..
then i want to sleep forever

..if you act crazy all of your life they'll never commit you

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.



today is filled with anger .. fueled by the past