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About Us

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Who we are:

We are a non-profit 501(c) established in 1996.  We adopt from the shelters, the shelter hospitals; provide medical care for homeless, sick and injured animals from the street; and provide our web site for advertising to owners who can longer keep their pets.  We take as many animals as space permits in our Center and in our homes.  We survive entirely on donations and our medical expenses are extremely high.  We are all volunteers; we have no paid staff.  We issue free and discount spay and neuter vouchers.  Educational material is located at our Center.

Our Goals

bulletTo promote responsible pet ownership by promoting spaying and neutering.
bulletTo provide assistance to the public in spaying and neutering ferals in their neighborhood.
bulletTo stop euthanasia of adoptable animals in our shelters.


Assistance Provided

bulletWebsite advertising for owners wanting to place their pets including dogs
bulletWhen we received an injured animal phone call, we provide care
bulletWhen we receive a call from the shelter about an animal on its last day, we adopt it
bulletWhen an animal is in the shelter hospital, injured or sick and we get the call, we adopt it
bulletWe provide transportation to and from vet for spay/neuter
bulletWe provide educational material to the public. We do so by phone, e-mail, mail, our website, street fairs or walk-ins into our Center.
bulletWe mail spay/neuter vouchers directly to the petís home.
bulletWhen funding is available we do assist with financial aid