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Becoming a Foster Parent

Cat Connection has many opportunities for fostering.  We  have many animals who need a home environment to adjust in.  Many have been displaced and require extra attention. We have animals who are very well adjusted but tired of being in the cattery environment.  Can you give these a two camp break in your home.  Whatever you would like to do, we will welcome you, our foster homes are invaluable.  Please call for (818) 776-0655. Adrienne.


How the program works:

The animal(s) reside in your home throughout the week.  We ask that you bring your foster animal into the cattery in Sherman Oaks one day a week for viewing and possible adoption.  This process continues until the animal is successfully placed in a new loving home.  Cat Connection will cover veterinary expenses during the fostering period.

So, what's so hard about being a foster parent?

Falling in love and wanting to keep the animal.  We won't tell you it's not hard to take in a foster cat and want to keep it.  What helps is knowing you are doing something wonderful and there will be a new foster kitty waiting for you after your current foster pet is adopted.

Contact us if fostering a cat or dog is for you.

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