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A special thank you to you,  Rodney Ayl, our medical oncologist, for your time, care and concern for our animals. What can we say, you are wonderful.

Thanks to Laurel Leach, our veterinarian, who spends so many hours caring for our animals, we mean really caring.  Thanks to her staff at Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital. We thank you for all the warmth and love you show to each and every sick animal brought under your care. All the extra time and effort does not go unnoticed. We do not know how to thank you.

Thank you to Dr. Felz who operates on our animals with broken bones...You are so very special, to us.  

Thank you to Deanna and Mary at Minute Man Press (Northridge)  who have donated their beautiful printing services to Cat Connection over the years. You do a great job! 

Thanks to our Foster Homes. We have so many wonderful, caring people, who take our animals into their homes, caring for them when they are sick, transporting them to the hospital and to the programs and making them part of their family.  You are all terrific individuals and we feel so fortunate and lucky to have all of you on board....Thank you.