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Not enough? Well then, presenting some of the best Catherine sites and resources...

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Other Catherine Sites

    Official Homepage
  • The Official Catherine Zeta-Jones Homepage. Unfortunately, nothing to shout about!
    Official Michael Douglas Homepage
  • Flashier then Catherine's, but only a little better in terms of content. Still, at least it's updated, and Catherine promises to feature prominantly in these pages!
    Cat's Corner
  • Rachel's little site to Catherine is rapidly becoming one of the biggest and the bestest site out there! With hard-to-find photos, articles, and a list of all of Catherine's magazine appearances. There is even a section where you can buy Catherine-related stuff!
    Wonderwoman Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • A huge, HUGE site! Check out his exhaustive collection of magazine photos, including those from Hungarian and German magazines! There is also a page where you can download dozens of clips from Catherine's appearence in the CBS version of the Titanic ( unfortunately, dubbed in Hungarian, I think ) as well as look at her roles in other movies. And finally, a page where the webmaster makes his arguments why Catherine is perfect for the role of Tomb Raider babe Lara Croft! Excellent!
    Absolutely Lovely Catherine Zeta Jones
  • Another amazing, amazing site! The best part of this site is the multimedia section, where you can finally download clips of Catherine's early music singles and songs! Also includes an extensive photo library, including vidcaps of her earlier movies. Outstanding!
    Solo's Catherine Zeta Jones Page
  • Solo's page has a good layout, a nice set of pics and vid-caps of TV appearances, but what really sets his site apart is the Introduction to Catherine, done in Flash!
    Catherine Zeta Jones The Goddess Herself
  • A nice, enthusiastic little site from Skullhead(!), with a some pics of Catherine from her pre-Zorro days, as well as the one who scooped me with all those Entrapment pics! ( The site is allowed only a limited number of hits a day, so it may appear to be down. Just try the next day!)
    The Complete Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • This good-looking site hosts the one and only Catherine FAQ, for all of you who want to know more ( after reading the bio I've written, of course...;)



    Official Traffic Website
  • The official site to Catherine's latest film, and the first co-starring fiance Michael Douglas.
    Official High Fidelity Website
  • The official site to the new John Cusack movie High Fidelity. Catherine has a small cameo in this pic, so look out for a picture or two!
    Entrapment - Official Site
  • The official Fox Movies Entrapment site. Not the best, but not too bad either, with a good selection of photos, interviews, and behind the scenes stuff.
    DreamWorks Fansite-The Haunting
  • Probably the best site, yet, on the upcoming movie The Haunting, in which Catherine stars with Liam Neeson and Lily Tomlin. Even better then the 'Official' site.


Other Resources

    Jam! featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Canada's premiere online entertainment magazine has a good selection of articles and tidbits on Catherine. Better then most so-called entertainment sites!
    The Darling Buds of May
  • The official homepage for the British television series that shot Catherine to instant infamy. For postcards and pics of Catherine as Mariette.
    Star Power 101
  • This is an interesting site. Brandon Gray has a movie industry site, where one of its features is the Star Power 101, an objective ranking of the stars' bankability quantified in the form of worth per picture. Catherine is currently at #21, after only two Hollywood movies!
  • This is the place to get all the reviews of each of Catherine's movies, all at once! Cool!
    TV NOW!
  • A useful site that tracks down TV appearances of the various stars on US television, although only with regards to their old films, and not on talkshows and other specials.


Help Out!

This excellent site allows you to purchase stuff on-line, just like the many e-malls out on the Internet - except that with every purchase, a small amount of the puchase price will go to a charitable organisation! And the amazing thing is that it is at no extra cost to you!