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All the News that was fit to print during the first year of this site!

Catherine on 'Best Dressed List'!

Elle magazine just named Catherine the Most Stylish actress for the year! She was voted in by readers of the mag - who obviously have excellent tastes!
This is her second award after one by People magazine. Catherine was in their annual Ten Best Dressed list, along with Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. In their citation, the judges wrote that Catherine "looks the way we think a movie star should look" and that "even if she's going to the supermarket, she realises she's onstage." On the 8-strong judging panel were fashion heavyweights such as British designer Samantha Shaw, who was responsible for Sophie Rhys-Jones' wedding gown.

Updated 26 Sept 1999.
Catherine in FHM Australian and FHM Singapore!

For those of us not fortunate enough to live in the UK, and thus were not able to lay your hands on the July issue of FHM - Good News! The Australian and Singaporean version of FHM now have Catherine on their September issues! Snap it up... and if you're not convinced it's a good buy, take a peek at what's in store on the FHM site.

27 Aug 1999.
The Haunting

Catherine's new movie, The Haunting, opened in the US on 23 July 1999. Check out the Official Site, the even better Dreamworks Fansite-The Haunting, then read the Reviews.
OR... you can go watch it yourself!

1 Aug 1999.

Well, after receiving plenty of mail, many of them asking the same questions, I have decided to write a short FAQ for the site. Note that this FAQ is in response to questions I have been asked, and is not purely about Catherine.

1 Aug 1999.
Happy Birthday!

No, it's not Catherine's birthday, yet... it's OURS! CZJ : the Gallery is now Officially One Year Old!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!
It has been a great year - we started off as one of the only two websites dedicated to Catherine, and as Catherine's fame grew, so did we! Here's hoping the Catherine will have more great years ahead, and that we'll be there to bring you the latest news and pics always!
I'd also like to thank every one who bothered to write in, esp. those who have been inspired by this place to start their own sites promoting Catherine talent and beauty. Brings a lump to my throat. ;)
PS. Here's a birthday present...sort of... for everyone. You can now come to this site using!

27 Aug 1999.

In Movieline magazine's annual Hollywood 100 Most, Catherine was voted Most Lusted After by the Movie Camera. No pics this time round, but you can view the pictures that have appeared in previous issue of Movieline at our own Movieline Gallery.

27 Aug 1999.
FHM / Tatler (UK) / Allure / Entertaiment Weekly / Glamour

    Magazine covers are popping up all over the place!
  • Man! Look at that cover! The good people at FHM emailed me this picture, as well as to say that there will be FOUR different covers ( each featuring a different 'British Babe' ) for this issue, so remember to get the right one...and check out their on-line version! And I have some of their older photos too!
  • The UK Tatler also has Catherine on the cover of their July cover, and she looks hot... very hot! Take a look!
  • The July issue of Allure had Catherine on the front cover, and she looks radiant! Check out the photos courtesy of Cat's Corner.
  • Likewise, the latest issue of EW has an article about the people in Hollywood with 'IT', and Catherine has It in spades! You can also have a look at the pic here.
  • Last, but not least, I've been told that the August issue of Glamour magazine will have a cover story on her, and it comes out July 13. Past photos can be found here.
    And I would like to just take a moment to thank all the fans who wrote in to let me know, and who sent in scans - this is exactly the sort of enthusiasm we encourage here at the Gallery!

    Thanx to Johnny, Michael, Rachel and Dennis! 2 July 1999.
Guess Who's in Who's Who?

Consider this another indicator of Catherine's rising star - the lastest volume of International Who's Who, the bible of the world's famous and influential, has an entry for Catherine!
She joins such illustrious figures as Osama bin Laden ( guerrilla leader/terrorist ), British Prime Minister Tony Blair's official spokesman Alastair Campbell, French far-right politician Bruno Megret, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, Irish singer Sinead O'Connor and US actor and rapper Will Smith.

14 July 1999.
Blockbuster Win! and FHM Sexiest Women - Catherine at No.4! But Singapore says No. 3!

  • Catherine won the award for Best Actress - Newcomer at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1999.
  • Another 'honour' - Catherine made a huge jump in the rankings in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 1999 - jumping from last year's 84 to Fourth this year! The Singaporeans have slightly better taste, and made Catherine 3rd in their local version of the FHM poll! ( By the way, topping both list was Sarah Michelle Geller - go figure...)
  • She was also up for Best Actress - Fantasy at the recent 25 Annual Saturn Awards, which is awarded by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. Um, no idea if she won, so please drop me a line!
  • Well, Catherine didn't win anything at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, tho she was nominated for Breakthrough Performance - Female and Best Fight with Antonio Bandaras. But Man! Being paired up to present Best Kiss with Ricky Martin to present... I'd say they were the best looking pair around!

Update 1 July 1999.
Movie News!

    Well, Catherine is getting very busy with her film career!
  • If you don't already know it, Entrapment starred Sean Connery and Catherine, and was pretty much a bone-fide hit! Check out entrapped! with Catherine Zeta-Jones, my unofficial Entrapment page, for the latest news!
  • Released on July 23 will be Jan de Bont's The Haunting, a remake of a horror movie based on a book ( got that? ). Dr. David Marrow (Liam Neeson), is intrigued by the haunted Hill House's storied past, and draws three people to the mansion for what he tells them is a sleep disorder study. Catherine plays Theo , a woman of the world whose outward bravado isnít all it seems.
  • Catherine will be the female lead in the romantic sci-fi thriller The Tenth Victim, a remake of the 1965 Italian film, "La Decima Vittima" that will be directed by Lee Tamahori. The story will be based around a future utopia where man's need for violence is focused on organized killing games. Catherine and another rival male contestant will play love interests as they rebel against the system.
  • Catherine will also have a cameo role in High Fidelity, which is based on a novel by Nick Hornsby. The movie will star John Cusack as a record store owner wants to get back together with his latest ex-girlfriend, despite the various diversions he tries to engage himself in.
For all the links, please go to my Movie Links page!

Posted 20 June 1999.
The Darling Buds of May

The Web Editor of Granada Sky Broadcasting emailed me to say that
The Darling Buds of May returns to British TV this weekend on Granada Plus, Home of the Hits. The Darling Buds of May is the show that propelled Catherine Zeta Jones to stardom as the perfick English rose, Mariette Larkin.
All those in the Uk, check that out. For the rest of us, you can go to the Granada Plus Homepage, where you can read a little bio of Catherine, and get pics and electronic postcards of Catherine under their media section!

Updated 27 May 1999
Excite's Cannes Photos!

Apologies! I reported that Excite had photos of Catherine at the recent Cannes film festival - unfortunately, the link didn't last the week, and was soon replaced with photos of other news stories. Apologies for all of you who hunted for them, only to find them gone. Did anybody put them up - can you send me a link to them?
For this, and more, check out entrapped! with Catherine Zeta-Jones, my unofficial Entrapment page, for the latest news and appearances!

Photo courtesy of E!-Online. Updated 23 May 1999
MTV-Ebay Auction

MTV - Cool Crap is auctioning off a bunch of stuff on Ebay with proceeds going to Fight For Your Rights: Take a Stand Against Violence. Among the items is an autographed copy of Catherine on the cover of Details magazine. It'll be there till 22 May, and the last bid was more than $700...;)

Big thanks to Ju. Posted 20 May 1999
Magazine Stuff Galore!

Catherine is on the cover of the May issue of Details magazine, and what a provocative pic it is. If you guys really need to be titillated, then this may be it.
Next, find her in Entertainment Weekly's 1999 Yearbook, where she has been crowned Best New Heartbreaker with a lovely full-page pic. You said it, guys!
She is also in the May issue of InStyle magazine - it's a one-page thing on how to recreate Catherine's look in Entrapment.

Posted 22 Apr 1999

This is it, guys and gals! Catherine now has an Official Homepage of her own!
Now, she might not be involved with this page, but the site has a Guestbook which will be periodically printed and bound for Catherine, so now you stop sending love-notes here!

Posted 3 Apr 1999
MTV Movie Awards!!!! Keep Voting for Catherine!!

Catherine is up for the 1999 MTV Movie Awards! She has been nominated for Breakthrough Performance - Female and Best Fight with Antonio Bandaras. Voting closes 20 May, so vote NOW!!!

See what happens when you don't vote? Catherine was beaten by Gillian Anderson for Sexiest Actress of the Year in the 4th Annual EI Awards given out by the Entertainment Insiders! OK, maybe she doesn't miss much, since this was purely a web award, but the two awards below could mean magazine covers and TV awards!
  • The UK magazine, FHM, is running their annual 100 Sexiest Women. Catherine only got an 84th ranking last year, so send in your votes now!
  • Catherine has been nominated for Best Actress - Newcomer at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1999. Watch for the result on their show in June!

Update 24 Apr 1999.
Catherine at the Oscars!

Well, Catherine made a splash on Oscar Sunday, with her stunning looks and fire-red dress - so much so that she won the Mr ShowBiz Fashion Face-Off , with tops in terms of Dress, Hair, Elegance, and Sex Appeal!
As for her brief appearance as a presenter, catch it again on Realplayer at 411 on CZJ under their media section.
It was enough, though, to make E! Online gush
She's a stunner, and so was Zeta-Jones' Versace gown. Why? First, it was a luscious deep red--a color that suits brunettes but is usually passed over in favor of something safe, like black. And, second, it fit. Strapless dresses are tricky--Kim Basinger's was so tight it choked her, Liv Tyler's was so loose it looked homemade. And give the Welsh newcomer bonus points for passing up the diamonds.
Mr ShowBiz considered her one of the top five high points of the show, saying
The Welsh stunner made one of the most memorable Oscar debuts in recent years in a fitted, red Versace strapless. The only thing we liked better than Zeta-Jones' dark locks tumbling down her pale back (a nice, simple contrast to the evening's many glittery up-dos) was her elegant, lilting burr. Loved it!
And there are more pictures on the Official site, as well as on E! Online!

Posted 23 Mar 1999. Update 6 Apr.
More news about Entrapment

The buzz for Entrapment is slowly building up, so make sure you're in the know!
First off, read about the plot, as well as other rumours and tidbits, from the
Next, watch the trailer for Entrapment - download it (in Quicktime) from Movie-List, or watch it in Realplayer from the 411 website ( if you can get it to work...) There are also some preview pictures being circulated, and you can see them on this site's very own Entrapment page!
Finally, the people of the on-line talkshow Not the News, are great Catherine fans, and were good enough to drop me a line.
CZJ's new movie, Entrapment, is coming out soon and we'll be interviewing her on Not the News a little closer to the movie's release. I encourage you to check out our show on Sunday nights from 5-8pm PST. If you like CZJ, I think you'll enjoy our show.
All the best to Phil and Craig, and hope they get that interview!

Posted 18 Mar 1999
Movieline Magazine

Go and get this magazine, NOW! Catherine is on the cover of the Feb 99 issue of Movieline, the same people that named Catherine Most Outrageously Beautiful in 1998. As such, they have eight great pages of photos, and the best article I've read so far. So go...shoo!

Posted 29 Jan 1999
Entrapment and other Movies...
  • Some of you have seen it already - the trailer for Entrapment, starring Catherine and Sean Connery, is out! It's a great trailer, and you can either download it (in Quicktime) from Movie-List, or watch it (Realplayer) from the 411 website
  • The other movie that Catherine will be in is The Haunting of Hill House. Not many details yet, but a "teaser" is out. You can get it from Movie-List, but it dosen't show Catherine, or anyone else, for that matter! Find out more of the movie from

    Posted 29 Jan 1999. Thank you to Icenols.
Empire Magazine

Catherine is on the cover of UK's Empire magazine. It's the December 98 issue, so check it out and tell me about it! And if you're lucky, you can still find the November 98 issue of Movieline. In their "Top 100 Most..." list, they named Catherine Most Outrageously Beautiful! But no article, just a full page pic...

Posted 8 Nov 1998
Catherine Trivia!

It is amazing the little snippets that you can find about Catherine on the Net. It's like a treasure hunt of sorts, except without any clues... :)
    Catherine Sings!
  • Did you know that Catherine released her own singles? One is entitled "I Can't Help Myself", and includes a couple of songs; check out CDDB. And CDNow stocks something entitled "In the Arms of Love".
  • Cat was also part of a musical production called Street Scene, which also has its own cast recording.
    Catherine Acts!
  • Before James Cameron's Titanic, there was another... a TV version, co-starring Catherine! Believe it or not, here are some comments she made with regards to that mini-series.

Posted 8 Nov 1998
Catherine in Malaysia

Mustafa Khamal wrote to say...

"Shooting is taking place at the Petronas Twin Towers currently the world's tallest building(s)
While Sean Connery couldn't seem to go out so easily Catherine managed to go shopping at the KLCC Suria which is an exclusive shopping complex situated at the Petronas Twin Towers.
She was accompanied by hotel security but managed to shop without being recognised."

Simon also contributed this article...

The plot thickens on the set of Entrapment - the Sean Connery-Catherine Zeta Jones outing - as Dynasara Sdn Bhd (the local agent for the movie) officials, publicists and security personnel continue to fend off roving reporters who are hungry for some information, any information, on the movie.
It's been more than a week since filming began (in Malacca and at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre) and except for a brief Press conference - with Connery making a two-minute appearance or something like that - a couple of days after the cast and crew arrived, everything else about the movie is still a big secret.
Save for several shots of the elusive stars, staking out at the Bukit Jalil LRT station where the crew shot for for three days, from as early as 7am proved to be fruitless.

SAY CHEESE! ... Zeta-Jones is captured here on location in Malacca minus the sultry smile that sent male hormones into overdrive in 'The Mask of Zorro'

The attitude surrounding the production is perhaps best illustrated by Dynasara's Shan S. Iman, a production assistant for the US$80 million or RM304 million movie: "We don't need any publicity for this production. This is (a) Hollywood (movie), you know. Malaysia is just a small market."
As if we didn't know that. What arrogance! And all the reporters/photographers wanted was to be allowed to take long shots of the actors, who were walking in and out of their trailers and make-up room before filming began.
The man then went on to insult our intelligence by saying that shooting would not commence as long as the Press members were there. And we were a good distance away from where the actual "action" was taking place! Heck, we couldn't even see the camera and other filming paraphernalia from where we were.
If - as Shan seemed to suggest - just the thought of the Press being there was enough to wreak havoc on the actors' concentration, it doesn't speak much of them, does it?
What's probably most frustrating about all this is some of us have travelled half-way across the globe to interview major international stars but now, when we have people like director Jon Amiel, Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones and Ving Rhames right at our doorstep for close to two weeks, there's nothing we can do about it.
Oh, well...whatever. For me at least, what few glimpses I got of Connery, who looks even better with age, was almost worth the hours of waiting under the hot sun at Bukit Jalil.

AT OUR DOORSTEP ... Connery (second from right) and Zeta-Jones at Kg Jawa Seafood Restaurant, Malacca

Posted 6 Oct 1998

The Haunting of Hill House

"Catherine Zeta-Jones, who set Antonio Banderas' pulse racing in The Mask of Zorro, has nabbed a starring role in the Jan de Bont- directed DreamWorks thriller The Haunting of Hill House, says the Hollywood Reporter.
Catherine...will play Thea, who is part of a team of researchers investigating an old house. The film, which will also star Liam Neeson and Lili Taylor, is a remake of the 1963 fright-flick The Haunting. Release is reportedly tentatively scheduled for Christmas of 1999."

From Mr Showbiz. Posted 6 Oct 1998