Descendants of George CATO in North Central Louisiana

Third Generation

3. Daniel CATO (John , George ) was born in 1734 in Virginia. He died in 1794.

Daniel married Patience HARRIS.

They had the following children:

+ 10 M i Daniel CATO

4. Mary CATO (John , George ) was born in 1735 in Brunswick County, Virginia. She died on 6 Sep 1777 in Sampson County, North Carolina.

1748 Poll List Vol. 26, No. 1, p. 59
Virginia Counties, Robinson, page 76: POLL LIST 1748 Brunswick Co. was created by Act of Assembly in 1720 from Prince George County with additions from Isle of Wight and Surry in 1732. The first court for Brunswick was held May 2, 1732, from which the records of this county date. The following poll list for 1748 gives the names of the residents of Brunswick voting for representatives in the House of Burgesses for the sessions of October, 1748, and April, 1749, and which resulted in the election of Sterling Clack and Drury Stith.
(Family names that were on that list)
Burge of H.—A pole of their votes:
James Hicks
Daniel Cato
John Cato
Robert Lunday
Thomas Tatum
Page 61
John Cato
Daniel Cato
Thomas Avant (maybe, Arant)

Pole for Drury Stith
Robert Hicks
John Hicks
James Hicks
j^athaniel Hicks
Jes^e Tatam (maybe, Tatum)
John Parker

Mary's father could be: Daniel Cato or John Cato.
Note: by 1800 no Cato's were paying taxes in Brunswick County, Virginia

Mary married Peter LEE Jr. son of Peter LEE Sr. and Elizabeth LUNDAY in 1755 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Peter was born about 1730 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He died on 28 Jan 1804 in Sampson County, North Carolina.

A second birth place: North Carolina.
A second death date: January 28, 1804.
A second death place: Apson County, North Carolina

Peter Lee d1804 m Mary Cato of Brunswick.
great grandson of William Lee of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co. Va.
b prior 1718 WW1759.
(One view is that his father was Hugh Lee of Pr Gg d1734/35 of Bristol Parish. Another is that he was s/o William Lee)
1790 Census for Sampson County, North Carolina:
Peter Lee: 4 males over 16, 1 male under 16 , 4 females, 6 slaves
1800 Census for Sampson County, North Carolina:
Peter Lee, over 45, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 16-26, 9 slaves

Sampson County, North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1784-1900
Abstracted by Elizabeth E. Ross
Peter Lee's Will
Dated 28 January 1804, Probated 12 November 1804 LEE, Peter Exec: Sampson Lee Wit: Silas Lee, John Lee Sampson County Court Minutes 12 Nov. 1804

Will admitted for probate. No will found in Sampson County, North Carolina Records. Will was withdrawn from Court House in 1957 by Mrs. Rachel Lee Paul, of Dunn, North Carolina, who was researching the family. She has been dead for many years and her records are not available for searching. [Abstract found in research papers of correspondence with Mrs. Kate (Lee) Roberts, Dec. by EER. No copy in Court House or North Carolina State Archives]
LEE, Peter Sr. Son Peter Lee - 550 ac. WS Great Cohary on Gum Sw.; tools, furn. Son Burchette - upper half of plant.; part of 100 ac. in Maple Field; £15 Son Lundeay Lee - lower half of plant.; part of 150 ac. entered by Williams & Lassiter; part of 100 ac. in Maple Field Dau Geain/Jean & Sampson Lee - £50; feather bed which they already have Dau Rebecca & Thomas Thornton - £50; feather bed & furn. which they have Son Batt Lee - $320; furn. now in his possession Son David Lee - £15 Dau Mary & Bennett Hill - feather bed & furn.; negro Lucey, that they have Dau Elizabeth/Betsy & James Handley - fether bed & furn.,; negro Charlotte now in their possession Dau Penelope & John McCondekie - feather bed & furn.; negro Alley already in their possession Son & daus David, Cato, Geain, Rebecca, Burchet, Batt, Peter, Mary, Elizabeth, Penny, & Lundeay - rem. prop. together with 640 ac. on Mill Ck. in JoCo, to be sold & money equally divided Sons - my wearing appearill (sic) Negroes not to be sold but to be equally divided among all heirs Exec: friend Sampson Lee Wit: Joseph Westbrook, Elias Lee, John Lee, Samuel Ingram
[Additional Info. Estate of Peter Lee, NC Arch. file # 87.508.38 - inv. & Sale]

Peter and Mary had the following children:

+ 11 M i David LEE
+ 12 M ii Cato LEE
+ 13 F iii Geain LEE
+ 14 M iv James Lunday LEE
  15 F v Rebecca LEE was born in 1765.
        Rebecca married Thomas THORNTON.
+ 16 M vi Batte LEE
+ 17 M vii Peter LEE III
  18 F viii Mary LEE was born in 1772 in North Carolina.
        Mary married Bennett HILL.
  19 F ix Elizabeth LEE "Betsy" was born in 1774 in North Carolina.
        Elizabeth married James HANDLEY.
  20 F x Jane LEE.

This is a weak link. Not listed as a child in will.
        Jane married Unknown.
+ 21 F xi Penelope LEE
  22 M xii Burchett LEE was born in 1774/1784 in North Carolina. He died in Oct 1823 in North Carolina.

February 10, 1818, Orange County, North Carolina - Will of Burchet Lee
February 1824, Sampson County, North Carolins Extr; Altha Lindsay, brother-in-law Wit; John Lindsay, Nathan Edwards Heirs; wife Delilah, brother-in-law Altha Lindsay.
        Burchett married Delilah LINDSEY daughter of John LINDSEY and Mary ROBERTSON. Delilah was born on 9 Apr 1767.

7. Henry CATO (John , George ) was born about 1740 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He died after 1800 in South Carolina.

Henry married Tabitha MASSEY in 1762 in Downing Creek, North Carolina. Tabitha was born on 8 Jan 1728/1729 in Bristol, Prince George County, Virginia. She died in 1790 in South Carolina.

They had the following children:

  23 M i Burrell CATO was born on 24 Feb 1764 in near Downing Creek, North Carolina. He died in 1841 in Mississippi, probably.
+ 24 M ii Vincent CATO
+ 25 M iii William CATO
+ 26 M iv Needham CATO
  27 v Jesse CATO was born about 1775 in North Carolins.
+ 28 F vi Hester CATO
  29 M vii Lewis CATO was born about 1784 in North Carolins.
  30 F viii Rhoda CATO was born about 1784 in North Carolins.
  31 F ix Rachel CATO was born about 1786 in North Carolins.
  32 F x Esther CATO was born about 1788 in North Carolins.

8. Sterling CATO (John , George ) was born in 1755 in Virginia. He died after 1816 in Washington County, Alabama.

Another spouse name: Unk Wyche.

Sterling married Abigail BREWER.

They had the following children:

+ 33 M i Green CATO
  34 M ii Lewis CATO was born about 1780.

Lewis signed his will on February 16, 1831.
  35 M iii Phillip CATO was born about 1780.
        Phillip married (1) Pheriba WOOTEN.
        Phillip married (2) Rosanna KING.
  36 M iv Wyche CATO was born before 1783.
        Wyche married Martha PEOPLES on 26 Jan 1803 in Greene County, Georgia.
  37 F v Clara CATO.

Clara signed her will on June 4, 1841.
        Clara married Living.

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