Caution Danger - Demo : Recorded with a very drunk Tim on vocals, Ben Vance on drums (some of the time), Josh switching between guitar and drums, and Mark also switching between guitar and drums. Also, guest starring Rachel Elsen on "Rachel Elsen Doesn't Like That Butt Stuff". This was our first "practice" and eight, count 'em, eight songs were recorded. What other band can boast that?

Track Listing:
1. My Balls
2. Rock Your Daughter
3. Government Warning
4. Civic
5. Surgeon General Warning
6. Rachel Elsen Doesn't Like That Butt Stuff
7. Ben Vance Goes Home
8. Caution: Gas Pipeline

Caution Danger - Gets It On : Recorded the same night as the demo tape. We brought in a proffesional engineer, and layed down these three blazingly hot tracks. The EP to end all EP's.

Track Listing:
1. Government Warning
2. Dirtbike
3. Habbush, Habbush, Davis, and Rottier

Caution Danger - Drafting In The Modern Age : The cumulitive effort of many months of recording. This is our first full length, and features 43 mega blasts of pure sonic energy. Not to be missed.

1. Abort The Fetus (They're Evil)
2. Barbarian Massarce
3. Bloody Massacre
4. A Sunday
5. Booty Friday
6. Bullhead 2
7. Bullhead
8. Casio Tonebank
9. Boobbbacha
10. Colt 45
11. Some Creepy Song
12. It Has No Thoughts
13. Homosexual David
14. Do The Dew
15. Don't Stop Breathing
16. Access Denied
17. Government Warning
18. Happy Birthday Boban
19. Here Come The Locust
20. Hot Cookin'
21. Hot Cross Buns
22. I'm Feeling Jolly Good
23. Is It In You
24. Kurt Rambis- A Warrior
25. Larry Carr
26. Laura Winslow
27. Midget Man
28. Midget Porno
29. This Is No Laughing Matter
30. My Ass
31. Panda Vs. Koala
32. It Only Happened Once
33. Power Bomb Off The Top Rope
34. Power Of The Tiger
35. Raggae Superstar
36. File Sharing With Backups
37. Taste Trials
38. The Cat Shit Blood
39. The Redeemer
40. Today Was A Good Day
41. Dad In The Van
42. We're Not Iron Maiden
43. Zubaz
44. The Redeemer (Requiem)