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9/16/2011 THE ADAPTORS have been scheduled to perform at Tulsa's Annual Oktoberfest! The festival, in its 33rd year, will run from October 20 - October 23, at the River West Festival Park. The band is slated to perform Friday, October 21 from 11:30am - 1:30pm on the Keller stage. As usual you can expect the guys to bring a killer rockin' show you won't want to miss!

8/7/2011 Since our last posting the world has lost one of its brightest creative lights with the passing of Los Reactors keyboardist/vocalist, Joe Christ. At the age of 52, Joe died peacefully in his sleep of a heart attack on Father's Day, June 21st, 2009. Joe left behind a legacy of great music that won't be forgotten, and he will be greatly missed by those friends, family and fans who knew and loved him. For a personal perspective from Joe's bandmate, guitarist Roger Scott, read the blog post at the Los Reactors myspace page.

Out of respect for the legacy of Los Reactors, the remaining members have continued to perform as The Adaptors, a name they assumed when playing gigs that Joe was unable to attend. With the departure of bassist Tommy Gunn, Roger and Darrell joined forces with former New Mysterians bassist, Jim Eason. The most recent Adaptors show on May 28, 2011, at the "new" Crystal Pistol, featured something of a New Mysterians reunion when former New Mysterians vocalist, Anthony Lookout, joined the guys for a few New Mysterians/Mikel Automatic songs. A truly momentous occasion, as it was the first time for Anthony and Jim to play together since the early 1980s.

In November 2007, Los Reactors/Cenotaph guitarist/vocalist, Roger Scott debuted as a solo acoustic performer, doing an eclectic set of heartfelt folk rock ballads, including Johnny Thunders, Alice Cooper, Rolling Stones and Ramones covers. Roger continued playing solo shows through 2008 and 2009 with Kelly Lynn & the Skillet Lickers, The Dale Lawton Stampede and the Adaptors, among others.

5/1/2007 The Cains Ballroom Blitz was a huge event, with punk, metal, new wave, and pop bands galore. And, as usual, LOS REACTORS executed a killer set of non-stop rock that kept the cretins hopping. A big thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support for the band. It was a great show, and a good time was had by all.

Also, we still have some Dead in the Suburbs t-shirts available for $12.00, plus $2.00 shipping in the U.S.A., $4.00 shipping elsewhere in the world. Check it out on the Discography page here!

4/25/07 Well, since our last update, (yes it's been forever) we've seen a few developments, both good and bad. We were saddened by the recent (12/19/06) passing of an old friend, Mikel Automatic (Mikel Lykins) of the AUTOMATIC FATHERS, NEW MYSTERIANS, WHITE DWARF, FANTASTIC FOUR, etc. A tribute concert for Mikel was held on March 24, at Unit D in Tulsa. THE ADAPTORS, featuring members of LOS REACTORS, performed along with Kelly Lynne & THE SKILLET LICKERS, Sarah Wagner & THE POPADELPHICS, X.O.T.A. (the original N.O.T.A.), BALDERDASH & Anthony Lookout and Dale Lawton & Friends, to celebrate the life of our fallen friend and bandmate. On the positive side, we all got to see a lot of old friends, and hear some good, life affirming music.

On the LOS REACTORS front, we're happy to see the release of a live DVD from Dept. 13 Films. Titled Alive in the City, the DVD was filmed at the June 4, 2005 LOS REACTORS reunion show at The Venue in Tulsa, OK, and features interviews with keyboardist Joe Christ and guitarist Roger Scott. The DVD is available from this site, as well as LOS REACTORS' MySpace page.

The upcoming, much anticipated appearance by LOS REACTORS will be on Saturday, April 28, at the historic Cains Ballroom's 2nd Annual Ballroom Blitz. The show features upwards of 20 bands on four stages. The band is scheduled to play at 11:30 PM. This marks LOS REACTORS' return to Cains for the 1st time since 1983! See you there!

5/1/06 Greetings from the urban headquarters of RIGHTEOUS DEATH RECORDS! Since our last update we witnessed the phenomenal reunion of the legendary LOS REACTORS! The reunion was everything we had hoped for and more, as the boys were in top form, and delivered amazing performances to truly appreciative audiences, proving what promotor Davit Souders said at the Tulsa show: "Good things come to those who wait!" After the tremendous reception they received at their New York and Tulsa shows, the band has been encouraged to play an annual home-town reunion show, and some possible special events. No word yet on when, or if, we'll see an official release of a live recording from either show.
Meanwhile, with keyboardist Joe Christ spending most of his time in Atlanta, when not doing movie screenings, the remaining members of LOS REACTORS have formed a side project and have been jamming hard on some original music, (Huh, Huh, I said "hard on"!) as well as some choice LOS REACTORS tunes, and some favorite covers. We're anticipating more info soon!

5/30/05 Update - LOS REACTORS REUNION!!
Well, the unthinkable has finally happened! In a historic occurance that defies explanation, those REACTOR bad-boys have reunited for a couple of 25th anniversary reunion shows!
First, the boys will play a home-town show, Saturday, June 4, at The Venue, 18th & Boston, in Tulsa Oklahoma, with special guest, Billy Joe Winghead.
Then, on Friday July 22, the band will appear at the Dot-Dash Festival, at the Southpaw, in N.Y. City, along with The Gizmos and more bands to be announced.
Thanks must go to Greg Lowery and Rip Off Records and Tom Hyland of Dot-Dash, for inspiring this unprecedented event.
For those able to attend one of these shows, you won't want to miss what is sure to be the event of the decade!

11/6/04 "...thank God for Oklahoma and Los Reactors." So says California's Rip Off Records about their CD release of LOS REACTORS' Dead in the Suburbs LP. Now, thanks to Rip Off Records, this classic is finally available on CD for the first time! With great exaltation their web site describes the CD as including "...the incredible songs Culture Shock, & Shake Down, and a live set that doesn't sound like horse manure...with classics like You Move Me, Get Out and Dying Persian Monarch ...and hilarious 1980's news footage about the Tulsa punk rock scene, and great video footage of the band...playing their hit, Dead in the Suburbs, and another incredible song...It's a Wonderful Life." High praise indeed!

Looking back on it now, I'm certain that the magical element which held it all together was the incredible chemistry the band shared. Only once in a lifetime does a band like this appear. Only once in a millenium do the stars align and the gods smile on mere mortals and make it possible. In a world torn apart by war and political strife, LOS REACTORS stand as a beacon of hope to a dying planet. In a music industry that's currently 90% hype and 10% bullshit, LOS REACTORS, bless their hearts, have far exceeded that. Their music needs no hype. It transcends the very essence of the bullshit for which the public pays millions each year. Don't be fooled by false idols. In a world of sham, LOS REACTORS are the real thing! We've also added lots of photos to the photo pages, so check them out!

7/9/04 All right fans, once again in our continuing mission to spread the gospel of righteous music, we have mined another gem from the Righteous Death archives. Now, available for the first time is the CD single Dance the Nite Away, from guitarist Roger Scott's post-LOS REACTORS solo project REVENGER. This infectious rocker is more contagious than Vietnamese clap, without that painful burning sensation! Imagine LOS REACTORS jamming in IGGY POP's basement minus keyboards and you get the idea. If you like LOS REACTORS, you'll love this!

6/28/04 Hey All! We've been hard at work here at Righteous Death headquarters, digitally remastering CENOTAPH's debut album, Blood Ritual. Now, for the first time, this Black-Metal, thrash masterpiece is available on CD! This is 7 brutally hellacious songs of righteous bloodletting, so of course it's not for pansies! This ain't none of that crappy nu-metal stuff - more like VENOM on steroids! A righteously brutal magnum opus!

The long awaited Los Reactors LP is finally here!! Released by Italian label Rave Up Records, their website describes it as, "Amazing...sick, obnoxious, and weird..." Although we here at Righteous Death are a little too modest to make such grandiose claims about our beloved Los Reactors, Rave Up obviously knows good stuff when they hear it, so we appreciate the accolades, and we're happy they chose to release this classic, digitally mastered, VINYL LP. The record features both of the band's 1980 singles, along with unreleased studio and live tracks, vintage photos and liner notes.

We've also added some new links on the links page, so check it out!


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