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Due to our Guarantee of Freshness, we only ship seasonally.
We begin shipping in July.
Supplies are limited! Place your 2000 Orders Now!
Orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

Chaparral Novelties
Genuine "Live" Mexican Jumping Beans for over 35 years!
P.O. Box 22
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
Phone: (505) 437-7704  Fax: (505) 437-9949

FAQ #1   Why don't you ship jumping beans year round? Others websites do?
Jumping Beans have live insects in them. Like all live creatures, they too, only live a normal life span. This life span is limited to between 6-8 months. If we ship jumping beans, year round, past the prime of their life, we can't guarantee you will receive good quality "active" beans. When we buy products we expect high quality, and that's what we intend to sell you. High Quality Jumping Beans.

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FAQ #2   Why does Mexican Jumping Beans sell so well?
Here are just a few of the sales points... 
  • A mysterious & fascinating work of nature which intrigues & captivates old and young alike. 
  • The constant activity of the jumping creates such a clatter, few can resist the impulse to buy one or more boxes. 
  • The result is one of the fastest moving impulse items on the market. 
  • The activity span of the caterpillar is limited; Therefore we market them only from mid July through September. Although a seasonal item, you will be amazed by the volume of sales. 
Only .55 cents each
FAQ #3  What makes the Mexican Jumping Beans "Jump"?
The Mexican Jumping Bean is a unique specimen of a living creature, produced through the cooperation of an insect and plant life. Each bean actually contains a tiny caterpillar about 3/16 of an inch long! 

When the Yerba de laFlecha tree blooms in Old Mexico, certain moths lay eggs in the blossoms. A pod then forms and the egg, inside, hatches into a caterpillar. He eats the seed in the pod, leaving the shell intact, and this shell is his home for the next few months. 

The restlessness of the caterpillar flinging himself against the walls of his prison is what causes the bean to hop and roll. He has consumed all the food he will eat in his lifetime, yet his great energy will keep him alive and jumping for several months. 

The bean is most active when warm. Holding it in the palm of your hand will usually start a sleeper to jumping.

FAQ #4   How can I order Mexican Jumping Beans?
Actual Size: 9" x 11"
Click for Larger View
Click for larger view.
Size = 460K
Only $13.00
per Set

The Minimum Order is 
only 3 Display Sets

That's less than
.55 cents per box!

Here is what you get with your order.

Each Display Set comes with...

  • 72 Mexican Jumping Beans

  • (Boxed 3-in-a-Box) 
  • 24 Snap tight styled, Jeweled Boxes,

  • (In 4 bright colors!
  • 1 Sales Display Card,

  • With the explanation of the Mexican Jumping Beans.
3 E-Z Payment Terms:
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Advance Payment with Money Order or Cashiers Check.
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C.O.D. (Money Order or Cashiers Check on Delivery) 
($4.00 COD charge will apply) 
Methods of Ordering: 
Electronic Order Form: Online - Quick, Convenient and Secure
Phone: (505)-437-7704 (Long distance toll may apply) 
Fax: Fax our Order Form to (505)-437-9949 
Mail: Print our Order Form and mail Payment with form to 
Chaparral Novelties
P.O. Box 22
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310

Jobbers Inquiries Welcome!
Mexican Jumping Beans are marketed only from July through September.
Orders should be placed early.
Quantities are limited.

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