(especially to relieve rheumatoid arthritis) by Charles Weber

Expressed as milligrams per Calorie (this is the most useful format since it is largely calories which determines how hungry we get)


. You may see here the way to acquire a very comprehensive book about potassium nutrition and physiology. It is called “POTASSIUM NUTRITION in Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Diabetes, Metabolic Shock (hyperkalemia), and High Blood Pressure”. The table of contents and the introduction are shown.

V. Electrolyte Regulation (sodium and potassium) -- VI. Cortisol -- VII. Copper Nutrition -- Tooth abscess cured with raw cashew nuts

The author has a degree in chemistry and a master of science degree in soil science. He has researched this subject for 40 years, primarily library research. He has cured his own early onset of arthritis.

. The Table from which these values were computed may be seen here. To access the information you must press "enter" to search, and then divide Kcal into milligrams of potassium. This last table is very comprehensive, is used in search mode, and even lists all the amino acids. FOODS CONTAINING OVER 9 mg/Cal. (* = over 15.0 mg/Cal.)

Asparagras *Bamboo shoots *Beet greens Brocolli Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower *Celery *Chard, Swiss Chives *Coffee Collards Cress, garden Cress, water Cucumber Dandelion *Kohlrabi Lettuce Molasses *Mushrooms Muskmellon *New Zealand spinach Onion tops *Parsley Parsnips Pumpkin *Radishes Rhubarb *Seaweeds *Spinach Squash Tea Tomatos Turnips and greens


To see this table in easier to read form see this site or if you desire it in descending order of concentration, see this site.

Almonds, 1.3---Apples, 1.9---Apple butter, 1.4---Apple juice, 2.1---Apricots, raw, 5.5---Apricots, canned, no sugar, 6.5---Apricots, frozen, sweetened, 2.3---Apricot nectar, 2.7---Asparagus, raw, 10.1, ---Asparagus, boiled 9.1---Asparagus, canned, solids & liquids, 9.2---Asparagus, frozen, 10.4---Avocados, 3.6
BABY FOODS (cereal, high proteinn, 3.0---custard pudding, 0.9---fruit pudding, 0.8---dinner, vegetable & bacon, 1.9---applesauce, 0.9---bannana & tapioca, 1.4---beans, green, canned, 4.2---beets, canned, 6.2---tomato soup, 5.4)------ Bacon, fried, 0.4---Bacon, Canadian, fried, 1.8---Bamboo shoots, 19.8---bannanas, 4.4---Barley, 0.5---Bass, sea, 2.8---BEAN SEEDS (white, raw, 3.5---red,raw, 2.9---lima raw, 5.3---lima, boiled 3.8---lima, canned, drained 2.3---lima, canned & liquid 3.1---lima, frozen 4.8---lima, frozen, baby 3.6)------Beans, mung, sprouted 6.4---Beans, sprouted, mung, boiled 5.6---BEANS, GREEN SNAP (raw 7.6--- boiled, short time, minimum water 6.0---boiled, long time much water 6.0---canned, with liquid 5.3---canned, solids only 4.0---canned, liquid 9.5---canned, low sodium with liquid 5.9---frozen 6.4)------BEEF, BROILED OR ROAST (chuck, 18% fat 1.1---hamburger, lean 2.6---hamburger, regular 1.6---corned, medium fat 0.4---chipped, cooked, creamed 1.0)------Beer 0.6---Beets, raw 7.8---Beets, cooked 6.5---Beets, canned, & liquid 4.9---Beet greens 23.7---Blackberries 2.9---Blueberries, raw 1.3---Blueberries, canned 0.8---Blueberries, canned with syrup 0.4---Blueberries, frozen 1.5---Blueberries, frozen with syrup 0.6---Bouillion cubes 0.8 {sodium=200.0}---Brains, all kinds 1.6---Bran, with sugar & malt 4.4---Bran flakes 3.0---Brazilnuts 1.1---BREADS (cracked wheat 0.5---pumpernickel 1.8---rye 0.6---white, 6% dry milk 0.4)------Broccoli, raw 12.0---Broccoli, frozen 8.7---Broccoli, frozen, boiled 8.5---Brussels sprouts, raw 8.7---Brussels sprouts, frozen 9.1---Brussels sprouts, frozen, boiled 8.9---Buckwheat, whole 1.8---Butter 0.0---Buttermilk 3.9---Cabbage, raw 9.0---Cabbage, shredded, boiled, little water 8.1---Cabbage, wedges, boiled 8.4---Cake, angelfood 0.3---Cake, chocolate 0.4---Cake {others similar}---Cake icing, maximum value 0.5---CANDY (butterscotch 0.0---caramel 0.5---chocolate 0.5---Fudge 0.4---gum drops 0.0---peanut bars 0.9)------CARROTS (raw 9.0---boiled 7.2---canned, with liquid 4.3---canned, drained 4.0)------Cashew nuts 0.8---Cauliflower, raw 10.9---Cauliflower, frozen 10.2---Celery, raw 20.0---Celery, boiled 17.0---Chard, Swiss 22.0---Chard, Swiss, boiled 18.0---CHEESE (camembert 0.4---cheddar, American 0.3---cottage 0.8---cream 0.2---Swiss 0.3---pasteurized 0.2)------Cherries, sour 3.3---Cherries, sweet 2.7---Chestnuts 2.3---Chicken, light meat, roasted, no skin 2.5---Chicken, dark meat, roasted, no skin 1.8---Chives 8.9---Chop suey, canned 2.2---Clams 3.9---Coconut, dried 0.9---Coconut water 7.0---Cod, broiled 2.4---Coffee, instant 36.0---Collards 10.0---Collards, frozen 8.0---Corn, raw 3.0---Corn, boiled 2.0---Corn, canned, liquid 1.5---Corn, frozen 2.5---Corn grits, degreased 0.2---Corn flakes 0.3---Corn starch 0.0---Crab, canned 1.1---Cranberry 2.0---Cranberry sauce 0.2---Cream, half & half 1.0---Cream, heavy whipping 0.3---Cress 18.9---Cucumber 11.0 {also see pickels}---Custard, baked 1.3---Dandelion 8.8---Dates 2.4---Duck meat 1.7---Egg, frozen 0.8---Egg white, frozen 2.8---Egg yolk, frozen 0.3---Egg unfrozen, probably the same as frozen---Eggplant 8.5---Elderberries 4.2---Endive 14.7---Farina 0.2---Figs 2.3---Filberts 1.1---Flounder 2.9---Gelatin 0.0 {not from Handbook #8}---Gin 0.0---Goose, roasted meat 2.6---Grapefruit juice 4.2---Grapes, American 2.3---Grape juice canned 1.8---Grape juice, frozen 0.6---Grape juice, drink 0.6---Haddock, raw 3.8---Haddock, fried 2.1---Halibut, raw 4.5---Halibut, broiled 3.1---Herring, Pacific, raw 4.2---HEART COOKED (beef, lean---chicken 0.8---hog 0.7)------Honey 0.2---Horseradish, raw 6.5---Ice cream 0.4 to 0.9---Jams 0.3---Jelly 0.3---Jujube {Chinese date} 2.6---Kale, leaves 7.1---Kidneys, beef, cooked 1.3---Kohlrabi, raw 12.8---Lamb, 21% fat, raw 1.1---Lamb, 21% fat, cooked 0.9---Lard 0.0---Lemon juice, raw 5.5---Lentils 2.3---Lettuce, crisphead 13.4---Lettuce, looseleaf 14.7---Liver, beef, cooked 1.7---Liver, chicken, cooked 1.7---Lobster & shrimp, raw 2.4---Lobster, cooked & canned 1.9---Loganberries 3.1---Lychees 2.7---Macaroni, enriched 0.5---Milk 2.2---Milk, skimmed 4.0---Milk, human 0.7---Milk, goat 2.6---Molasses, light 3.6---Molasses, blackstrap 13.7---Mullet 2.0---Mushrooms 14.7---Muskmellon 8.4---muskmellon, frozen in syrup 3.0---Oatmeal 0.9---Ocean perch 4.1---Oils, salad or cooking 0.0---Okra, raw 6.9---Okra, boiled & drained 6.0---Okra, frozen 5.6---Okra, frozen, then boiled 4.3---Olives, green, pickled 0.5---Olives, ripe, pickled 0.3---Onions 4.1---Onions, boiled & drained 3.8---Onion tops 8.6---Orange juice 4.4---Orange drink, 40% 1.9---Oysters 1.8---Papayas 6.0---Parsley 16.5---Parsnips 7.1---Peaches 5.3---Peach nectar 1.6---Peanuts, roasted 1.2---Peanut butter, moderate added fat, salt, sweet1.0---Pears 2.1---PEAS (raw 3.8---canned, less liquid 1.1---frozen 2.1---split 2.6---boiled 2.8---edible pod 3.2)---Pecans 0.9---peppers, garden type 9.7---peppers, hot, pods 3.8---Perch, yellow 2.5---Persimmons 2.3---Pickles, dill 18.2 {sodium=130}---Pike, walleye 3.4---pineapple, raw 2.8---pineapple juice 2.7---Pistachio nuts 1.6---plums, raw 4.6---Pollack, raw 3.7---Pomegranite pulp, raw 4.1---Porgy & scup, raw 2.6---Pompano raw 1.2---Pork, ham, 28% fat, cooked 1.0---Pork, ham, 28% fat, raw 0.9---Pork, ham, cured, canned 1.8---Potatoes, raw 5.4---Potato chips 2.0---prickly pears 4.0---Prunes, uncooked 2.7---Prune juice 3.1---Pumpkin 13.0---Radishes 19.0---Raisins 2.7---RASPBERRIES (black, raw 2.7---red, raw 2.9---black, canned, with & without artificial sweetener 2.7---red, canned with & without artificial sweetener 3.3---red, frozen, sweetened 1.0)------Rhubarb 15.6---Rice, brown 0.6---Rice, white 0.3---Rice bran 5.4---Rice, flaked 0.5---Rice, puffed 0.3---Rockfish raw 4.0---Rockfish, oven cooked 4.2---Roe, cooked, baked, or boiled, cod & shad 1.0---Rutabaga, raw 5.2---Rutabaga, boiled 4.3---Rye, whole grain 1.4---Rye flour, light o.4---Rye flour, medium 0.6---Rye flour, dark 2.6---Sablefish, raw 1.9---SALAD DRESSING (mayonnaise 0.0---blue & roquefort 0.2---French 0.2---Italian 0.0---Russian 0.3---thousand island 0.2)---SALMON, raw same as canned, some canned in brine (chinook, king 1.8---chum 2.4---coho, silver 2.2---pink, humpback 2.7---sockeye, red 1.9)------Sapodillas, raw 2.2---Sardines, Atlantic, canned in oil, drain 2.9---Sardines, Pacific canned in tomato sauce, solid & liquid 1.6---Sauerkraut, with liquid 7.8 {sodium=41.4}---Sausage 0.5-1.1---Scallops, cooked 4.3---SEAWEEDS, Irish moss 1.3---kelp 2.1---wakame---1.1 (note: calories in sea weed may be indigestible)------Sesame seeds 1.3---Shrimp & lobster, raw 2.4---Sirup, cane 1.6---Sirup, maple 0.7---Sorghum grain, all 1.1---Soybeans, mature 4.3---Spaghetti, enriched 0.5---Spinach, raw 18.1---Spinach, boiled, drained 14.0---Spinach, frozen 17.0---Spinach, New Zealand 41.7---SQUASH, raw (crookneck 10.1---Zucchini 11.9---acorn 8.7---butternut 9.0)------Strawberries, raw 4.4---Strawberries, frozen, sweetened 1.0---Sugar, brown 0.9---sugar, white 0.0---Sunflower seeds 1.6---Sweet potato 2.1---Sweet potato 2.1---Tamarinda, raw 3.3---Tangerine---2.8---Tangerine juice {fresh or canned}4.1---Tapioca 0.1---Taros, raw 5.2---Tartar sauce 0.1---Tea 12.5---TOMATOES (raw 11.1---canned, low sodium 10.3---juice 12.0---catsup 3.4)------Tripe, beef 0.1---Tuna, canned in water, unsalted 2.2 Turkey flesh, roasted 1.9---Turnips 8.9---Turnip greens, canned 13.5---Veal, 15% fat, cooked---Vegetable juice 13.0---Vinegar 7.3---Walnuts 0.7---Watercress 14.8---Watermellon 3.8---WHEAT (whole grain 1.1---flour, whole 1.1---flour, white 0.3---bran 5.3---germ 2.3---puffed 0.9---puffed, & sugar---shredded 1.0) Whitefish, lake 1.9---Wine 1.1---Yeast, brewers 6.7---Yeast, bakers 7.1---Yoghurt, from skim 2.9---Yoghurt, from whole 2.1>

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