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days to June 30th, 2004, the school year end for CHASE SC.

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All homeschoolers, and home schools should consult their attorney, or HSLDA for all legal matters.

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Workshops Across South Carolina

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An aid to inform home schools in SC on CHASE SC sponsored workshops, and other known home school or homeschooling related workshops across South Carolina. Please share these scheduled workshops with your homeschool support group, and your homeschooling friends.

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CHASE SC Sponsored Workshops
Preparing a Transcript Workshop
Other Workshops
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens James Island - October 4th
Transcript Boot Camp Greer - October 18

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CHASE SC Sponsored Workshops

Preparing a Transcript Workshop

CHASE SC is working to plan Preparing a Transcript Workshops throughout the state.
Please check back to see when we will be in your area.

This workshop is designed with the high school student in mind. However, we encourage all homeschooling parents to attend. Pencil in a transcript step by step, and become more comfortable preparing your own student's transcripts. Parents are walked step by step through the process of filling out the transcript, and will fill one in during the workshop.

Transcripts are not required under any of the three homeschooling laws; however, you as a homeschooling parent should be prepared to prepare your homeschooling student's transcript. If your children are interested in attending college or obtaining a scholarship offered by the SC Commission on Higher Education, you will need to know how to prepare their transcript.

Do not delay attending one of these workshops. Even if your children are in Kindergarten, you should plan on attending a workshop near you. As previously mentioned transcripts are not required; however, you can prepare and maintain a transcript for your child each school year. By preparing and maintaining your child's transcripts each year, you will gain experience and knowledge. This experience and knowledge will make you comfortable when preparing your high school student's transcript for college or to apply for scholarships.

Again transcripts are not required; however, if you are considering returning your children to public or private school a transcript can help to smooth the transition for you and your student.

You can attend this workshop as many times as you feel you need to, as the fee is only $1 per person per workshop, which will help to cover our costs.

Any support group wishing to host the Preparing a Transcript Workshop please contact CHASE SC at When considering hosting the Preparing a Transcript Workshop, please think about offering one at 3 PM, and one at 6 PM on the same day. This will give more of your support group members and homeschoolers in the area an opportunity to attend.

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Other Workshops

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens James Island - October 4th
Transcript Boot Camp Greer - October 18

Please email us at, to let us know about your SC homeschooling workshop, and conventions that offer workshops.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Clemson Extension (the 4-H sponsored open to all),
This workshop is based upon the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" by Sean Covey. The authors of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul call this book "a true gift for the teenage soul."

Students will learn how to:
take responsibility for their choices,
uncover their potential to become true leaders,
master the keys of managing their time and life,
set priorities and achieve goals, and
increase personal potential through proper planning.

Who: 13-19 year olds
What: Student Achievement Workshop
When: Saturday, October 4th, 9-3:30
Where: James Island Elementary, 1872 Grimbal Road, James Island
Cost: Free (lunch included)
Contact: Your County's Clemson Extension Agent
Registration Deadline: October 1st

County Agents:
Berkeley - Gayle Williford: 723-3800 (ext. 4140) or 719-4140
Charleston - Ellen Blanchard, Donald Boling: 722-5940
Dorchester - Gloria Springs: 563-3441 or 832-0135

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"Spell to Write and Read" is a 4-6 year program which focuses on establishing the basic tools needed for understanding the English language. Since reading becomes a natural side effect of spelling, SWR is applicable for teaching non-readers as well as poor spellers.

SWR Seminars provide hands-on training to enable you to teach all learning types solid spelling as the foundation for better writing and reading.

Savannah River Reasearch Center, Aiken, SC

October 10-11, 2003

$90 ($80 before October 3)

Our nonconsumable SWR core kit ($90) includes SWR, Wise Guide, Phonogram Cards, Phonogram Cassette Tape and Spelling Rule Cards.

These may be purchased ahead of time or at the seminar.

Beckie Evans, a certified SWR instructor, conducts seminars throughout the Southeast. In addition to homeschooling for 16 years, she has many years experience as a classroom teacher, private tutor and also teaches writing classes based on "The Institute for Excellence in Writing."

For additional information or a registration form, please contact Beckie Evans (803-642-5150) or

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Transcript Boot Camp Greer - October 18
Presented by Inge Cannon of Education PLUS

Saturday, October 18, 2003
Community Baptist Church
642 S. Suber Rd., Greer, SC 29650

This seminar is designed for parents who are teaching junior and senior high students at home. It will help you understand the details of high school recordkeeping, transcripts, grades, credits, extracurricular requirements, along with the unique opportunities to give your children a leg up in the college admissions process. Tuition is $59 + $10 for each additional family member you bring along. A $10 discount applies if you register before October 1.

Call Education PLUS at 864-609-5411 to register by credit card or request a free brochure. For more information visit or to register online:

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Make sure to stop by our home page for lots of other great home school resources. Standardized Testing, Special Needs Homeschooling, Learning Modalities & Styles, Timeline Information, Portfolios, Questions About Diplomas, GED, and Transcripts are just a few of the resources waiting for you at our home page.

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~ Free Forms For Home Schools ~

You don't want to miss out on this great resource, there's nearly 200 Free Forms for your homeschool!

Be Prepared, Evaluations, Assessments, Report Cards, Planners, Goal Sheets, Sample Letters, Transcripts, High School Course Credit & Syllabus, Diplomas, Journals, Logs, Checklists, Traveling Through Time Timelines, Other Helps for the Homeschool (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies), Postcards, and Getting Organized in Your Home are the categories you can choose from.

Q. Can you provide other forms on your web site?
As time permits, we would be happy to serve you with as many forms as we can. Please email us and let us know what you'd like to see,

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