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Kenward Avenue, Chester Hill 2162 Sydney, New South Wales. Australia Principal: Mr Ross Pearce Deputy Principals: Mr Don Furey Mrs Robyn Matthews Telephone : 61-(0)2-9644 1099 Fax: 9743 7174 Email:
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This Web Site has been constructed by `The Cheso Team'.

The average age of our team is 14.6 years

Co-ordinating Teacher: Ms Lynne Marsh School Photgrapher: Mr Jeff Williams

In co-operation with the whole school.

Students involved in constructing/maintaining this site:


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Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Sandi Alicia Johnny Evielyn Tiamera Rachel Simon Lisa Rebecca Michelle
Top 40 information provided by Radio Station 2WS and David Dwyer.

This site began the 23rd August, 1998 Last Updated 2nd February, 1999.
If you cannot hear the music, or view the video, on this site, download the Realplayer, it's free! Students conference via ICQ

Some images used in the construction of this site have been downloaded from Internet shareware sites. Permission has been given for the use of all music files.

4th February, 1962 ... on this day

Chester Hill High School opened with 325 students, 161 boys and 164 girls.
The number one song on the top 40 was:Falling in Love with You ... Elvis Presley ...the Elvis Music File from:Jordan's Elvis World Music Files from: Annie's Place Laura's Midi Heaven Unofficial Savage Garden Homepage

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Can't Help Falling in Love

  Recorded live at Shreveport, Louisiana...June 7th 1975.