Members of the Chrome Ribbon share only one main dream...

Our dream is for legislation to be passed that will require the current internet user, and potential internet user to take a "basic computer skills" test. Let's face it, there are people "cruising" the net that shouldn't be...

You can't drive a motor vehicle without taking a test!

Those of us that work for ISP's, we get calls daily, from people that need help, because they purchased a "computer" and don't know ANYTHING about a computer. Sears, Best Buy, Radio Shack, or any other retail electronics outlet that profit from other's ignorance.


We want to show people that they are getting "taken" for a ride. If you want a computer, buy it from a computer store. If you have purchased, or are thinking about purchasing a computer from a store that sells washing machines, tires, or car stereos, think again. Please, take a moment, and think about taking a course in basic computer skills. We're not talking about you going to a trade school. We're only hoping that if you don't know the difference between a folder and a file, that you seek some education. Before you buy every "Dummies Guide To......", thinking that will make up for your lack of knowledge, then, you deserve to be taken advantage of. Don't think that just because your provider has technical support, means that when you throw something important in the trash, that they will bend over backwards to help you. If your problem isn't directly related to the service they are providing, do you think they are itching to help you out? If that was the case, the tech you always ask for would welcome a razor to his wrist when you call to get instructions on where your CD-ROM drive is, so you could install the newest version of Solitaire!

-Learn how to use your computer.

-Learn about the internet.

-Learn how to trouble-shoot your "minor" problems.

-Become less of a burden to the other people on the net.