Yes, there is some history to the Chrome Ribbon Campaign.
Basically, I work for an ISP. At this ISP, the other technicians have dealt with customers that in our opinion,
just have no business using a computer. What is SWB's scheme? "If you're not a computer geek, you don't have to be to use our service"
---something like that. Well, that's great, let THEM deal with the people that when you tell them to go to the desktop say "HUH? Well my computer's on the desk..."
Am I making myself clear? Anyway, after nearly every call we get from a customer, we tell the whole office, just what the problem was, and how simple it was to solve it, and well, just how stupid they were. Sometimes the whole office breaks out in laughter. Even billing calls are fun. "What's that? Your account has been suspended, and you don't know why?"

Just once, I'd like to ask them "Gee whiz, did you pay your bill?"
Mechanics do the same thing to those of us that need a tune-up and they charge us $200-$500 to do something that we could've done ourselves.
You don't need to be a computer geek. All you have to do, is, read, just a little. Maybe spend some time learning what your computer is, what it can and can't do, and how to fix it.
Not all that hard do you think?
Anyway, getting back to the topic, I started this campaign, along with the support of many of my friends in the
computer business. We all share a common dream, that one day, AOL with become detached from it's internet feed,
yet, still be attractive to all the idiots, and as they flock to America On Hold, we WILL gain our bandwidth back.