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That's right! Finally a page for every Ciara everywhere!
Not Kyra, Kira, Cara, Sierra, See-ara, or anything anyone else calls us.
We are Ciaras, and we are proud!!

The Ciaras around the world make up some of the finest people anywhere.

I decided to create this page after the guestbooks of my personal homepages began to fill up with comments from Ciaras who thanked me, simply for being me and having the name Ciara!
That's when I knew, the Ciaras were a strong, banded bunch, harrassed continuously by others mispronouncing and misspelling their name on any and every ocassion.

Proud parents of a brand-new Ciara sent me this URL for... The Ciara Song!!!
Ciara by Luka Bloom

*This link has been fixed, and now you can actually buy the thing! And no, I don't work for Windham Hill. *

A Ciara Survey!

The Pronounciation of Ciara:

I have received several e-mails asking for the correct way to pronounce our name, and have decided to save everyone the trouble and write it down here. Ciara is pronounced "Kyr-ra", like the name of actress Kyra Sedgewick. If anyone has recording capabilities, and can send me a .wav or any other kind of sound file, I would be more than happy to put a sound recording of it on the page. Please let me know!

The Meaning of Ciara:

The name Ciara is generally ancient Celtic. It is taken from the old Gaelic word "kir", meaning black (as in the night). The male version of Ciara is Ciaran, which is the early form of Kevin.
But depending on who you're talking to, it means a variety of things. Here are some of the meanings I've managed to cull from the net and other sources:

"Ciara (KEY-ra): Saint from Kilkeare, Co. Tipperary (AD 670)". Irish Girls' Names.

"Ciara, a 3-syllable name of Irish origin; means: black,dark. Ciara's ethnic background includes *Irish. Ciara is the 57th most popular girl's name. And 100% of people with this name spell it Ciara". Parent Soup.
Note* This is one of the more wrong definitions I've ever seen. Three syllables? 57th most popular? Everyone spells it Ciara? I think not!!!

"Ciara: This girls' name is used in English and Irish Gaelic. Its source is ciar, a Gaelic word meaning black. Alternate spelling of the name Ciara include Ceara, Cearaa, Cearra, Ciaara, Ciarrah, Cieara, and two other
alternate spellings. There are eight other forms of Ciara. The name Ciara ranked 1764th in popularity for females of all ages ina sample of the 1990 US Census". Babycenter.

How Many Ciaras Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Have you ever wondered how many of your brethren are out there? According to the U.S. Census, the name Ciara is ranked 1,764 and is the name of 4,275 lucky women. It occurs with the frequency of .003%, which means that, in the United States, you would have to meet 63,033 people before you met another Ciara!

A Ciara By Any Other Name

Here is how the name Ciara appears in different alphabets and languages:

Ancient Egyptian


Ciaras Around The World

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And now for something completely Ciara.

This is a list of links to homepages of Ciaras everywhere. Want to be included?
Just send in your page address and I will add you. I'm an equal-opportunity linkist-
if your name is Ciara, I'll link to you!

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