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The author (middle) takes in the super-cool mesas near Los Alamos, New Mexico (where the Atomic Bomb was developed- it was really cool!). Check out the U-shaped weathering on the left side of the picture: was it made by a glacier or a river?

I am currently a university student, getting two B.A.'s in Economics and History, with a minor in, you guessed it, Geology. In my spare time, I teach Squash and do a little rafting. I also do a lot of traveling, inspecting up-close the geologic phenomena I talk about in this site.
Why did I start this website? I don't get paid, I don't have any advertising (except Geocities, and that's because they've given me a free website), and no one even pays a whole lot of attention. But I don't care! I do it because I love Geology, and I love short people (also known as children), and I can think of no better way to spend my time than to get just one more person as pumped about Geology as I am!! It's just so cool!!!

Do you have any questions, or ideas on how to make this a better site?
If so, please e-mail me here.