Metallica Store


Hey Whats up?? I have a sad news: this page has been shutdown, for two major reasons

1.- My interest to Metallica has dicreased a lot, 100%, to the point I sold almost all my Metallica collection and , of course, updating this page with no interest is very boring

2.- MAJOR REASON: I have some legal problems with this page, and I really dont want to have problem with anyone, for just a hobbie of mine.

Those are the reasons, I want to thank ALL people who has come to this site and sent me your great comments about this page, especially FUEL_65 (muchas gracias viejito),Maggda(Y), Sotito (la pagina de mi teoria del fin del mundo va,jaja), Rene y Jaime, Chellspice, Camarade Popov for offer me some mp3, Metallica INC. Renat A. (hi all in Russia!!, rdc.irc guys (Blackened, James) uff and many more people who has supported me!! All companies, Metallica Banner Exchange, Tripod, Metallica store (thanx for the shirt!!)

menos sotito