Asha. The ultimate lady. The one who started it all. When I first started gaming online, it was with Asha, on WW's chat site, back in 1997. Asha had quite a lot of adventures there. Many people thought she was a mage, or a vampire. Asha herself would never actually tell. Asha was a Mummy, originally created under 1st Edition Mummy rules.
Cassandra Lawrence. A new mummy, made by the new rules. I played her all too briefly on Seattle, for a mummy storyline that unfortunately fizzled out. But it was nice making a mummy by the new rules, and the concept of the character was fun.
Cecilia Honeychurch Parson. Sluagh. Shadowcourt. I played Cecilia on Las Vegas for a while. She and her husband Dominic were very subtle SC members. Dominic was a priest, Cecilia was a violinist. It's always the quiet ones you have to worry about.
Daisy. Six feet two inches of transvestite satyr, atop four inch heels. Daisy was a heck of a character. S/he started out on Ashland, had a brief stint on Seattle and finally wound up on Vegas. Where s/he wound up, in a lengthy series of scenes, becoming corrupted into the Shadow Court. It was a wild ride, to say the least!
Delilah Harper. Del had a two year run, on New Bremen. She was conceived of as a young Euthanatos inspired by Dane McGowan of the Invisibles. Complete with attitude and vocabulary. Del progressed a lot in character. My most successful attempt at de-angsting an angst-puppy type of character. Though even when she did calm down some, she could still cut lose with an amazing string of profanity when she felt like it. Playing Del convinced me that I could play Nocker!
Emily Murphy. One fine, fun Malkavian! Emily was a character on Las Vegas. I still miss playing her. She was an artist, leading some folks to wonder if she was a crazy Toreador, or an artistic Malkavian. Emily's artwork was disturbing and strange. She also had a skewed perspective of just about everything. She called Stef the Mage "The Sun God" because she saw him in Ra Nightclub. She did a portrait of his feet. Emily once left the prince a message that was 4K in email, and was entirely one sentence. The Queen of Run-On Sentences!
Eva. This was a character I didn't get to play much. Back in the old days of the Seattle site, I made Eva sort of on whim. She was a Progenitor. She made killer drugs. She seemed like a very nice, quiet, somewhat shy young woman on meeting, but the reality was a sociopath. Eva didn't keep lab rats for testing. She kept lab humans.
Flip. This was another character from Las Vegas. Flip was a fennec pooka. Fennecs are the smallest foxes, with the proportionally largest ears. I wish I'd been able to play Flip more, she was fun. Terminally perky!
Frankie Leanza. A character who started as sort of a throw-away, a bodyguard ghoul for the main Giovanni in Las Vegas. She was meant to be useful, but not a major character. Funny how things change! Leandro Fabrizio was the Keyser Soze of Las Vegas. Frankie started out as his ghoul, then became his childe. Her struggle to cope with the changes from ghoul to vampire were dramatic, and some of the best roleplaying I've done. Eventually, Frankie was killed as she would have wanted to die, fighting to save her sire.
Pelagia "Gia" Muir. An attempt at a wandering albatross Pooka. The idea was cool, but the character didn't work out so well in play. Maybe I'll revisit the concept some day.
Gideon. A character from the old days of Seattle. Gideon was created to be Malkavian Primogen. My current Malk on Seattle, Guilford, was inspired by Gideon, but the personalities are very different. Gideon was volitile, unpredictable, wild and funny. He had a bizarre sense of humor, and a warped and fun perspective. He was killed trying to defend the prince of the city.
Gracie Severn. A tragic Nosferatu who was hard to play with other people. She desperately needed someone to take care of her, and never found one on Seattle. In some ways, she never worked, in other ways, she worked too well. So well that she rarely could interact with other people. It's hard to play a Nos without Mask of 1000 Faces!
Guilford Yates. My poor Guilford. No longer a current Malk. He was doomed by his own loyalty to the Camarilla, and it killed him in the end. OOC issues that set it up not withstanding. Guilford snuck up on me. At first he was so stuffy that he was fun to play, but not as deep as I tend to go with Malks. But he surprised me, by turning out to be still so deeply in love with his wife, and that gave him a lot of depth for me. He turned out to be a very potent character, if not personally powerful enough to handle being Prince.
Helen Damnation. Okay, the name started as a joke. I'd always said I was going to play a Malkavian Anti-tribu named Helen Damnation, or Helena Handbasket. For a character with a whimsical origin, she was quite a scary thing. She had stigmata - bleeding from the eyes - and all sorts of oracular things. She was creepy as hell.
Jackie Ross. Well, she was a good idea at the start. A Euthanatos mage and single mother, who had been fighting off Jhor off and on for a long time. Her daughter was twelve, and a gymnast. The problem was that in play she kept getting too angsty, and with the ST being less than helpful, it never worked out. It's a shame, because she had a very interesting relationship that I would like to have kept up with. I still would like to play out some closure on that, if the player would cooperate.
Jamey. Jamey started out as an NPC, Gideon's ghoul. Gideon, who seemed funny and harmless, most of the time, took the anger in him out on this young man, whom he'd ghouled at the age of thirteen. Jamey survived immense abuse. As Gideon changed, however, he stopped hurting Jamey, and started hurting himself instead. This frightened Jamey even more. Jamey became Gideon's childe shortly before Gideon's death.
Justin Norris. Justin was a character in the Orpheus game. He was a Banshee, and quite seriously messed up. He had a series of scenes that were quite fun and then the game sorta died where I was playing it. Too bad, the character could have gone some interesting places.
Kori McKay. Kori went through a hell of a transformation. She started out when Vegas started as a ghouled mage, a long time ghoul. Shortly after the start of the site, she finally decided to seek freedom from being a ghoul. She was put on trial by her tradition (Euthanatos), and given a fresh start. A ritual freed her from the Blood Bond, but she aged rapidly, catching up to herself. Where she'd looked to be a young woman, she suddenly became old. Kori had a good run as a character. In the end, my RP did not live up to what she'd been. I wish I'd handled her better at the end. As a character, she deserved it.
Libby Renard. A fox pooka, Libby was played on Ashland and Seattle, both briefly. Libby was a blind grump pooka child psychologist. She would claim to teach children with "delusions" how to cope with "reality" by the simple trick of teaching them to lie like a pooka! A fun character, one I never did too much with.
Lucas Sumner. I played Lucas semi-stealth. Not many people knew he was mine. Lucas was a character I'd been wanting to play for ages. He was fun, but not something I'm often in the mood to play. Lucas was a Serpent of the Light. He kept an albino python as a ghoul, and also a visual pun.
Medea. And my other Serpent of the Light. She was a reasonably cool char, but never got really into the site. My time issues more than anything else, really. She did have some fun with a certain Malk, though.
Molly Morgan. I liked the idea, but she didn't work out so well in practice. Cultist of Ecstacy. Maybe the idea will pop up again sometime, because I liked it. I came up with her more or less based off a Neil Gaiman quote: "You can be me when I'm gone." Maybe I won't do the character again, but I'm likely to try another idea off that quote!
Mouse. A great concept that I unfortunately didn't have the time to play. Mouse was Giovanni, and the product of an illicit brother-sister coupling. The brother and sister got a slap on the wrists and got separated. Such is the way of the Giovanni. Mouse was born neuter. While, if asked "male or female?" Daisy would answer "Yes!", Mouse would answer "No." Mouse was supposed to be creepy and odd. Hopefully one day I'll be able to try this idea out again.
Dominik Ian Stewart ap Gwydion, aka Niki. Niki snuck up on me right at the end. I made him for a specific SL and it wasn't quite what I thought, and I wound up being not suited for it. But the character really snuck up on me at the end. I hated him for a long time, but then I really did like him, but with the situation, he had to leave. And yes, it's Orlando Bloom. Niki was Sidhe, he's supposed to be pretty, deal with it!
Olaf. Poor Olaf. Olaf was a marauder. While I tried him out briefly on Seattle, his real run was on New Bremen, where he lasted six months. I expected only two or three! Olaf didn't know he was a marauder. He had to find that out, and what it meant. He really meant well. His reality was a very frightening place. He made a lot of friends. Eventually one of them, a Euthanatos mage, had to kill him, because he was just too dangerous. It was the best online death scene I've had.
Olwen Addams. This was an Ashland character. Olwen used Mask of 1,000 Faces to make herself look the way she had in life, which was pretty beautiful. Behind the Mask, however, was the face of a Samedi. Olwen was a botanist, specializing in night blooming flowers. She was manipulative, and spooky and fun.
Penny. Another fun and creepy character. Penny was a nice girl, when she was alive. Dead, Penny was a nasty bitch of a Haunter. She had Argos, so she had wings, and she'd appear in front of religious people who weren't entirely stable to begin with, and push them over the edge in the worst way possible.
Piper McGinn. Piper was a good concept, but unfortunately, I didn't know mage well enough to pull her off properly. I also made the mistake of making her with no problems or hardships in her background. She wound up not having the emotional strength to survive the things that happened to her in character, and became a basket case. On the up side, I learned a lot about mage!
Rhys Burton. My poor sweet Rhys! Malkavian, of course, and he just couldn't take being a vampire. He tried so hard. Politics wore him down. He kept making alliances and having them fall apart and being betrayed. He fell in love with a Prince who wasn't what he said he was. Then he fell in love with a young musician he ghouled and then decided he couldn't keep, because of what being a ghoul does. But he still loved the musician, even while the musician got over being a ghoul, and then Awakened. But in the end, Rhys couldn't survive what he was. So he wound up facing the sun, in the arms of the man he loved. It was sweet and sad. All sorts of tragic!
Ronan O'Keeffe. The other character from Vegas that I really hated to leave behind! Ronan was a Cultist of Ecstacy opera singer. Wonderful sense of humor. Generally delightful character to play. Ronan was the most laid back and emotionally stable character I've ever played. He was great fun!
Roy Parker. Another idea that didn't work out as well as I would have liked. Roy was a marauder. He was meant to be an antagonist. Well intentioned but dangerous and trouble for others. Didn't work out that way. He did have some good moments, and some truly lovely scenes. His death was touching.
Sylvia Cross. One of the secret masters of the world. A librarian. Specifically, a government documents librarian. Can we say information? Needless to say, she was ghouled by the Prince of Las Vegas. I didn't play her much, but it was a good concept.
Tess. Probably my most well-known, well remembered and loved character. In so many ways, my signature character. Tess was a Malkavian with a horrific past, and one derangement. Regression. The rest of who and what she was came out of that. Tess did not speak English, though she could understand it, and read and write it. Those around her came to understand Tessish. Nope, I'm not going to print the dictionary. I still have it, though! Someday, I'd love to play Tess again. Tete ado kifa Malka!
Theda (Kincaid) Eddington. Now here was an unexpected character arc. She was made to be unseelie, and a manipulator. Sluagh, in case that wasn't obvious. But things happened IC. First she became friends with a little Nocker boy. Then other things shook her up. And she wound up falling in love with the man who drove a cold iron nail through her palm. Weird, but what do you expect with Sluagh? It was a good story.
Threnody. Sort of a right character, wrong setting type of thing. Or right setting, wrong character! Threnody was a duel personality Malk, with one personality that sang and was very shy and vulnerable, and another personality that was much tougher, but couldn't speak.
Tristan Vaughan. Another Vegas character. I had the Artistic Malkavian, so I decided to compliment her by having the Insane Toreador. Tristan was a photographer. He also had thirteen derangements. His mind was a mess. Multiple personalities, just for starters. And at one point, two personalities killed each other off, and a new personality emerged. This one remembered nothing from just before his embrace in 1925, until the night in 2000 when he emerged as a personality. Now that was fun to play!
Urzula Grzegorzak, aka Ula. And Lu, her chimerical luna moth. Ula was a great char. She evolved a lot. Teenage sluagh, who went from being too shy to speak up in a crowd of more than two, to being a leader and activist, with a pooka oathsister. And then I got stuck. (again, OOC issues not withstanding) So she's retired. But she was a very good character.
Ulysses G. Rutherford. A good idea, that didn't click on the chat, but one I might go back to some day. Ulee was a Malkavian sniper. Vietnam vet. Very obsessive. He believed he was the hand of God. He was a cool idea. Maybe he'll resurface sometime somewhere.
Wendy Flynn. This one was a Seattle character, one I wish I'd been able to do more with. Wendy was a Virtual Adept Cartomancer, with a background I would have loved to have done more with, but it just didn't work out.
Willow Fayre. She was a cool idea. The problem was, she was too close to me. She wasn't a challenge to RP because her personality and interests were just plain too close to my own. She was a Hollow One.
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