The Acknowledged Camarilla of Seattle, and others of Note. By the hand of Guilford Yates, Prince of the City.

Aaron Kent of Clan Malkavian, newly embraced
Alexei of Clan Nosferatu, Status Pending
Chad Nasic of Clan Tremere
Chris Shuto of Clan Toreador
Coy Robinson of Clan Ventrue
Dan Smith of Clan Toreador
Dexter Alkol of Clan Tremere
Elliot Vonn of Clan Ventrue
Faisel Al-Aziz of Clan Assimite
Fogel of Clan Malkavian
Gracie Severn of Clan Nosferatu
Holland Tyrfax of Clan Toreador
Jamie Shaw (Scoti) of Clan Gangrel
Laura George of Clan Malkavian, Seneschal
Lupe Gonzalez of Clan Toreador
Michael Moralto of Clan Nosferatu
Odette DeSan of Clan Tremere, in poor standing
Skirmyt of Clan Nosferatu, Primogen
Squeeks of Clan Nosferatu
Steve Johnson of Clan Malkavian
Talbot Freemont of Clan Tremere, in poor standing
Travis Michaels of Clan Tremere, Primogen
Trevor Knight of Clan Brujah, Sheriff
Wolf Kiemlan of Clan Toreador

Daneel Pisanob of Clan Giovanni, Jason Quinn of Clan Gangrel, Liloe Maran of Clan Gangrel, Tarek of Clan Settite, Jason Quinn of Clan Gangrel and Vedran of Clan Tzimisce are all unaligned, but Acknowledged by my self.

Derrick Von Hetter of Clan Nosferatu is not recognized as Camarilla in this city. He is to be treated as an untrustworthy stranger. Nikki Marke of Clan Brujah has the same status. She is not recognized as Camarilla and is to be treated as an untrustworthy stranger.

The Anarch who refers to himself as Cain is the target of a blood hunt. The one who slays this Kindred shall be honored.

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