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Items Relating to the Late, Great Guilford Yates
Guilford Yates was a character I played on the now-defunct Emerald City/Seattle site. Guil was Prince for over a year. He was a character I wasn't as fond of from the start, but in the end I really enjoyed playing. I miss him. "Lizzie's Honor" is a story about his early nights as a vampire. "Guil's Death" is, obviously, his end. "End as a Hero" is something of a eulogy for him, and "Guilford Yates for Dummies" was something I did while he was Prince, for the fun of it.
Lizzie's Honor
Guil's Death
End as a Hero
Guilford Yates for Dummies

These two little pics were done by Elaine. The one on the left is Guilford and the one on the right is Ula.

Essays On the Game and Related Topics
The first one is more of a rant than an essay. The others are more or less essays. Someday, more of them will be here. When I think of other things I want to write about!
The Storyline Rant
On Playing Malkavians
On Playing Insanity
Malk Primos I've been

Character Histories
I won't post current characters, but I will put up a few of the old ones, possibly. This one, for sure. This is the best character history I've ever written.
Ronan O'Keeffe

Items Not Fitting Into the Above Categories
How well do you know your own characters? Try to answer this for one of them!
Character Questionarre

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