Inside those doors is the foyer. This room is open and inviting, decorated with plants, and with wide doors on the opposite side, leading to the courtyard. On the most prominent walls, on opposite sides of the courtyard, are two large, vintage photographs, harking back to the era when this place was a lively inn. One is of a smiling blonde man, well-dressed, very handsome, with glasses slipping down his fine nose. The other is of a most unusual couple for the era. The man is of middle age, gray streaking his dark hair. He carries a saxophone. He's handsome in the slightly rougish older gentleman sort of way, and bares a resemblance to Rhys Burton, though he's clearly far older than the Keeper was at his embrace. The woman on the man's arm is stunning. Gorgeous, early twenties, and black. Her fairer skin and features reveal a mixed-race heritage, in fact. But to the eyes of that era, she was black, and yet clearly she and the man are together. The photograph captures the joy they felt together. Closer examination of the photo reveals it's location. It was taken here, in this very foyer.

From the foyer, if one takes the left-hand door, one enters what is now a large meeting room. Stately tables and chairs provide meeting furniture, in dark wood with an art deco flourish. The tables are the sort with wings and additions, able to increase or decrease in size as needed. Here as throughout the house, there are many windows, and quite a lot of plants, set as an illusion blurring outside and inside. And, of course, there are photographs. Vintage photos of jazz clubs and jazz musicians, twenties-era.

If one were to take the right door from the foyer, one would enter the grand ballroom. This place is made for dancing, or for events that would not involve sitting. On one wall are the house's only bathrooms. On the other, an elegantly appointed stairway up. To the back of the room is a grand piano.

At the point of the square, between the left and right wings is the kitchen. Had the property been sold to become a modern hotel, the kitchen would have required massive renovations. As is, the simple appliances are sufficient for the needs of the security and any ghouls that serve the Elysium.

In the center is the courtyard. The edge of the courtyard is covered, but the center is open. There are trees here, and a fountain, and statues. There are tables and chairs in groupings for conversation in a relaxed setting. Several clusters of seats are neatly concealed by vegetation, for the privacy of those who wish to use them.

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