These are the Laws, posted within the Elysium, to be followed by all. Amendments may be added if needed.

No violence is permitted within Elysium. Sparring is permitted in the designated area. That is sparring, not attempts to injure or destroy another individual. No other violence is acceptable, save what needs to be done to protect others and the Elysium in the event of a violation.

Weapons are not permitted within Elysium. All weapons are to be checked at the gatehouse with the guards. Security guards are the only ones allowed weapons. Should circumstances change, the relevant parties will be notified.

Art is to be considered sacred. No form of Art is to be damaged within Elysium. This counts any of the works of art on display. It also includes the books in the library. Interruptions of live performances will be considered damage to Art.

No Disciplines are to be used within Elysium. The exception to this is for those Nosferatu who prefer to cover their appearance. They are limited to a general public face. Any attempt to appear to be another member of the Camarilla is a grave offense. Other Disciplines including those meant to overhear another conversation are not acceptable, save in defense of Elysium.

The Masquerade is to be observed on entrance to and exit of Elysium. Within the walls and out of sight of the gate, you are able to discuss Kindred business openly, so long as you do not violate any of the other laws.

Security of Elysium must be maintained. Do not reveal the location of Elysium to anyone who is not established as Camarilla within the city. Primogen, and officers of the city are permitted to bring new arrivals to the Elysium once they have established the identity of the arrivals. Do not reveal the location to anyone who is not Camarilla.

Ghouls and unreleased childer are the responsibility of the Kindred who brought them. You are allowed to bring your ghouls or your childer to Elysium. You are responsible for their behavior if you choose to bring them.

Elysium Security

There are at least two guards in the gatehouse at any given time. There are also guards patroling the grounds, and maintaining security within the building as well. Guards are armed.

There are visible cameras at the gate and along the perimeter wall. Within the grounds, there are discrete cameras at strategic locations. Perception + Alertness rolls needed for these. There are also a classified number of other cameras, carefully concealed. Increased difficulty on rolls to detect these. Cameras are available for taping meetings, or for any of the offices. They are not currently activated, but can be at the request of the Prince in the case of meeting areas, and at the request of the owner of an office in the case of the offices.

The following locations are locked and not open to public use: the garden shed (used by security and maintainance), all offices (keys held by the owners of said offices - may be left open at the choice of the owner), guest rooms on the fourth floor (keys kept at the gate, and with the Keeper - anyone who needs to spend the night will be given a key. the secure rooms have more heavy security), and the storage area on the fifth floor (used by security). Also any access to wiring and the minimal plumbing is kept secured.

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