Up the stairs to the third floor, where the main gallery and salon is, and where the main offices are. The left wing holds the Keeper's office, the bottom point holds the Seneschal's and the right wing holds the office of the Prince. The Prince's office and the Keeper's are elegantly furnished. The Seneschal's is currently empty and sealed, but can be refurnished and opened when a Seneschal is appointed. Each can, of course, be modified by the officer who uses it. A prominent feature in the Prince's office is a photograph of the marble steps of one of the older buildings in the city, the steps worn through so much time and use that a shallow dip is visible in the center. In the office of the Keeper, the photograph is of a shattered mirror, his own testimony to his Clan. The Keeper and the Prince each have their own porch, accessible only through their offices.

The rest of the floor is taken up with gallery and salon, a place where any artist within the community may display their work if they wish. The Keeper hopes to have regular showings here, to display the various artists of the community. In the left side, towards the Keeper's office, there is a smallish raised stage, set up for those whose arts are vocal. Furniture in this area is fairly mobile, so that it may be easily rearranged for events held here.

The circular front on this level is open porch, with the same wicker furniture as the levels below it. The balcony around the courtyard is open as well, though the doors on the Seneschal's side can only be locked or unlocked by the Seneschal, or those the Seneschal permits to have keys.

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