Chris and dice, Spring of 1997

Chris, Becky and Byron, Summer of 2000

Becky Vs. Buggy (the bug lost), Spring of 1997

Hagen & Ginger, looking cute, Summer of 2000

Hagen, what are you doing with that knife? Summer of 2000

Hagen, looking scary, Summer of 2000

Jim looking bad ass with a klaive, Summer of 2001

Jim going after Chris' bad ass with the klaive, Summer of 2001

The Unusual Suspects - Dan, Rusty and Chris, Fall of 1996

Together Again - Me, Berta and Jim, Summer of 2001

Blast from the Past! - Me and Rhonda, Summer of 2001

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Stuffed Creature - Cthulhu, Fall of 1996

Campus Crusade for Cthulhu - Athens Chapter, Spring of 1997

PoKaThulhu! The Ultimate Evil - Scotty, Summer of 2001
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