These are the results of my May 18th (04) fabric binge! Sales were on at both Deepak's and Regal Natural. Very dangerous things, sales.

Here's the whole lot (minus one piece that's already at the tailor's) on the back of the couch.

Here's that purple silk. The color in the picture doesn't show it quite right. It's almost eggplant colored. (That would be aubergine coloured, if you're British!)

Another shot of the whole lot.

And another. I was trying to show off the colors and textures, and I think you can get a pretty good impression of them.

Both these pieces are raw silk. The top one is embroidered - the most expensive of the fabrics I got. This combination will be my dress for the Omars, though what I'm going to do with them, I don't exactly know yet!

Another shot of the whole lot, this time piled on the floor.

This is where I started putting like, or similar fabrics on the back of the couch to try to show off a better look at them. Both of these are raw silks. I'm going to have a tunic done with that purple, and I'm not sure what with the green. There's only two yards of it - the end of a roll.

Both of these are linen. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but they're gorgeous.

Three different fabrics. The top one is linen - another end of the bolt special. Three yards, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I may do a dress. The middle one is raw silk. The picture does not do this one justice! It's a two tone almost shimmery thing. And the bottom one is mainly crepe, sort of see-through. I'll be having a loose blouse made of that, to wear over a shell.

Two salwar khameez sets. These both are cotton. Salwar khameez are outfits primarily worn by Indians and Pakistanis - loose pants, a long shirt and a scarf. In these sets, the pants are plain, and the shirt and scarf have different embroidery on them. I may have them made up, or not. Probably yes with the blue and pink, not as sure with the red.

More salwar sets, these in a blend of silk and who-knows-what. Feels great, though!

More cotton ones. Slightly different weight and style from the first cotton ones.

This is one set, a different cotton. Definitely getting this one done! Isn't it great?

And the raw silks. The camera is making the embroidered piece a little too blue. It's really a bit greener.
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