Great British Day is an annual event in Dubai. It raises money for charities and is generally sort of a fair/carnival type of thing. This year, the theme was Renaissance. Ye Olde British Day. They asked the Drama Group to come in to provide some color. Or colour, since it's British. We also got a booth to promote the Drama Group. And, as part of the "colour", I read tarot. For donations. I pulled in over Dhs500! And I read tarot for four hours straight.

We had Jim in costume for a bit, and Cynthia and me, and Paul dressed as Henry the Eighth.

Cynthia, looking fabulous.

Me. I got the dress at Gencon last summer.

With the hood part up. The dress is really nifty with all the variations it can do!

Paul, aka King Henry, looking damn good.

Jim, looking silly.

Jim, looking somewhat less silly.

Couple shot 1 - me and Jim.

Couple shot 2 - Cynthia and Paul.

More or less how I spent the day.

Showing off my cards, amongst other things.
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