In March 2004, we went to dinner at Peppercrab in the Grand Hyatt. We'd been there once before. I got some pictures of the lobby (which has to be seen to be believed!) and of dinner (ditto!).

Part of the lobby. We're heading down the curving ramp on the left.

Waterfall, plants, sculptured pond. And this is only the beginning!

Jim on one of the bridges. You can get an idea of the scope of the place in this one. Sorry a lot of these are dark. The camera was still pretty new and there were things I didn't know about it.

More plants. That is mist, not a problem with the picture. They mist the place a lot. It's very humid in this lobby. Yes, all those plants are real.

Jim, looking at the little camels. There are big ones all over Dubai, but here are some of the little ones, done to represent various countries.

More camels. The camel's name is Lulu, which is Arabic for pearl. Lulu is a colorful camel!

A closeup. This is New Zealand's camel.

Camel and setting.

The main course! A mudcrab in pepper sauce, the specialty of the restaurant. This is the beastie that, on our first visit, prompted my saying "I wasn't expecting a starspawn!"

For some perspective, here's a claw. On a normal sized dinner plate. This thing is enormous! And this, by the way, is a "medium" crab.

Another lobby shot. Yes, there's a river in the lobby.

Same thing, different angle. This is as we're heading up to the exit, after dinner.

More plants in the lobby. You can spot another one of the restaurants on the far side. Not the place we ate, though!

Another perspective on that lobby.

Here's the ceiling of this lobby. These things are meant to look like the bottoms of traditional local boats. I have no idea why.

This should give something of a scope of the size of this place.

And one last look at it. This is fairly impressive as hotels in Dubai go, but not shockingly so. And it will, of course, be topped fairly soon, if it hasn't been already.

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