The new toy is a HP Photosmart 935. Here are the first pictures I took with it!

The first five here are me testing out the zoom. On Layla and Fiona.


Then I got a couple of pics of Jim when I went in to show the camera off.

Some more cat closeups. This is Layla.

Dubai is doing the painted animal thing that so many cities have done. Chicago started with cows, if I remember that right? Dubai's take on it is, of course, camels.

These are out front of Global Village.

Cynthia tried on this jacket at the Vietnamese pavilion, but couldn't find a full-length mirror to check it out. So I took a couple of pictures instead.

And then I tried on the jacket. They had two big enough, so we each wound up getting one.

The outside of the Indian pavilion.

Detail on the Indian pavilion.

The moon over Singapore.

The Singapore pavilion.


Paul, looking Satanic.

So I tried the red-eye reduction thing. Now he looks blurry and Satanic. I think I need steadier hands or a tripod to get that to work. But it doesn't do as much for the redeye!

I like this one.

Cynthia got this one of me.

Jim had a hard night at work and needed to unwind.

Look, my camera does sepia, too!

Good pic of Paul, but Cynthia was turned away.

Good pic of Cynthia, not so good of Paul!

This is the lowest compression on the camera.

This is the middle setting for compression, the default.

And this is the highest setting. The pictures are huge and the detail is amazing. Of course, it eats space.

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