The Thursday after Christmas of 2005 was spent with Rusty and the ladies in his life. Click the thumbs for the full pictures

The unwrapping begins

Rose holding part of the family gift

Rose about to open one of her gifts

All your socks are belong to Brenna!

Who's more excited about the Batman action figures, Rose or her Uncle Jim?

There be Geeks here!

Kaylen likes high places

Father and daughter geeks

Brenna wanted to show off her books

Rusty's happy to help put together one of the girls' gifts

A girl and her Legos

Is this the definitive Brenna picture?

Or is this one?

Hello, Kitty!

Rose gets face to face with the Lego dinosaur

Would you trust this man to cook dinner?

Brenna, what does a wolf say?

Caught in the act!

Brenna & Uncle Jim

Who's hiding under the Christmas stocking?

Brenna showing off one of her new pairs of socks

In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.