There are 92 pictures for Day 5, of the dawn at Ndutu, of Ngorongoro Crater looking down, all through the crater, and finally at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge, looking back down at the crater.

Start with dawn at Ndutu.
From there we headed straight for Ngorongoro Crater.
At Lake Magadi, in the bottom of the crater, there are hundreds (at least) of flamingos.
I took some experimental photographs,
and some of the general wildlife of the crater.
We were amused by the lions under the landrover.
At the picnic spot we saw some amusing sights.
Then the rain came over the crater wall.
We got some of the wildlife during the time of the rain.
I got a series of pics of a charming baby zebra.
Adam was the first to spot this unusual zebra.
We finally saw some rhinos.
We finished the day with pictures from the balcony at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge.