The introduction to the cave, which of course isn't a cave, it's more of a canyon with an overhang.

Don't worry about getting lost. Kay and Neil will point out the way.

This is the area where the old man actually lived.

And here we are checking it out.

Jim goes to see the end of it.

Jim, Kay, Gayle and Neil are partway down into the canyon.

This is part of where we're going.

We're going down.

This is the "sphinx" or the Old Man's profile.

The upper falls.

The water is very low. Not much of a falls.

Jim conquers a big rock.

And a closeup.

Gayle, Neil and Kay on the bridge we saw earlier.

Jim and CJ on the same bridge.

Some random Old Man's Cave.

Doesn't this look like an enchanted mushroom from some fairy story?

Nothing was hiding here that we saw.

Another random shot.

I love this picture. So beautifully primal!

Going up again.

Kay and Gayle pointing out the way we're going.

Going up the stairs. . .

. . .and coming down again.

Off to see the Upper Falls.

Which didn't.

See, very little water.

Gayle and Neil posing.

This is called the Devil's Bathtube. Normally, it's a fearsome whirlpool. With less water, though, it's quite tame.

Even the way out is gorgeous!
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