Outside the Pachyderm house, a monument to the critters inside.

The lump under the straw is a baby elephant.

What needs to be said about the rhino?

Craig likes hippos, so we got a good look at the hippo.

Including a lovely profile.

The hippo goes for a swim.

And peeks up at his admirerers.

The buffalo, no longer endangered, are just hanging out.

Feeding the giraffe is a tall order.

The Small Mammal House had tons of these little monkeys.

This is a fennec, all curled up. It's a fox, the size of a cat, with really big ears.

I can't remember what kind of cat this is, but it sure looks elegant up there on its branch.

Same kitty, different pose.

Believe it or not, there's a cheetah hiding in here.

The zoom lens brings us a little closer.

And there he is! And boy, does he look grumpy!
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